Investigating claims of satanic conspiracies, satanic ritual abuse, and moral panics – including the Hampstead and Hollie Greig hoaxes.

Satanic Panic Reemerges In Jimmy Savile Scandal

Monday, January 14th, 2013

Notorious “satanic ritual abuse” psychoanalyst Valerie Sinason, uses the Jimmy Savile scandal to give new coverage of her baseless theories, and the press who once mocked her are eating it up.

Hollie Greig Story A Hoax?

Sunday, October 14th, 2012

Is the Hollie Greig story a hoax? That’s the opinion of disaffected former supporters of the story, who went searching for basic evidence to support the claims of Robert Green and Anne Greig, and found it completely lacking.

What is the Cremation of Care?

Saturday, January 7th, 2012

Cremation of Care: A yearly performance at the Bohemian Grove club, where a human effigy is sacrificed to a giant stone owl.