Children Speak of Abuse and Murder in Creepy Youtube Videos: What’s Actually Going On?

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Hampstead Abuse Allegations And Online Vigilantism: The Post Savile World

Two young children have been recorded speaking of heinous sexual abuse and murder in a series of Youtube videos that first emerged 5 days ago, and have spread like wildfire on Facebook. The claims made in the three public clips have not been verified in terms accuracy, but appear to be related to an ongoing court case. I will not reproduce them here nor directly link to any other coverage for various reasons.

One video has gone viral after appearing on Reddit and several alternative media websites. It features a blonde boy and girl standing in a parking space next to a white vehicle, being prompted and asked questions by an unknown male and woman who is later revealed to be their mother. The kids say they’re going to “stop touching our children and stop touching each other … and stop touching ourselves.”

The man behind the camera then asks “and what else are you going to stop?” And the boy responds, “and stop killing babies.”

It soon seems that they’re referring to alleged abuse they were involved in, both as victims and forced participants.

While some sites like Vigilante Citizen are carelessly reporting that the videos are referring to real incidents, and the children were involved in so called Satanic Ritual Abuse, the anonymous author provides no tangible evidence for these conclusions beyond their own armchair expertise.

“It doesn’t take an expert to notice that the kids exhibit telltale signs of honesty (notice the girl’s face of true horror at 2:18 when the boy talks about ‘papa,'” writes the popular blog, that claims to expose secret symbolism and celebrity mind control.

“Papa” is actually first mentioned quite nonchalantly about 30 seconds in to the viral video by the girl, when the man asks “who are you going to help us catch?” She proceeds to list off “all the paedophiles – papa, Mr. Hollins, the school …”

At this point the mother chimes in and includes “all the policemen, all the social services,” in the list of alleged abusers. The boy follows her lead saying “all the shop keepers, all the cafes, all the Pizza Expresses,” and then the girl even names “McDonalds.”

They also name their father as an abuser, but vehemently shake their heads when asked if “mummy” was involved.

Despite the fervour in some corners of the internet that this is further evidence of widespread underground satanic ritual abuse, others remain deeply skeptical of the videos. One Youtube commenter writes “These kids are being coached.”

There is definitely prompting going on, but whether what they’re being prompted to say has truth to it or not cannot really be determined without more facts coming to light. Due to the nature of child abuse cases, proceedings take place behind closed doors. The merit of this is a debate for a different day.

The video goes on to describe various forms of sexual abuse in sensational circumstances, including murdering babies and then dancing with their skulls in a church.

A second video sees the same unknown man talking to the same young boy in his bedroom. This time the boy describes there being “lots of sex,” and “lots of sweets,” during the alleged sessions.

The third video runs for 13 minutes and involves a second man with an Irish accent asking the same girls questions about her alleged abuse.

Because the alternative media have a horrible track record reporting on cases of this kind (see the Hollie Greig Hoax) and the mainstream adhere to certain guidelines, the handful of websites that have covered this story have meandering, contradictory and confusing reports. However a common thread running through them is that the videos were filmed in the UK and refer to a case from Hampstead, North London, where the children have since been taken in to care, and the mother is in the courts fighting the removal.

What we might be able to deduce from this is that the authorities deemed the mother and the man in the video the real abusers, and perhaps the children were in fact encouraged to say these things. They do not appear scared or traumatized in the clips, which fortunately would suggest they weren’t telling the truth.

The videos appear to have been uploaded by Henry Curteis of The Tap blog (that’s whose face is on the Youtube channel avatar). He is a former Conservative and UKIP candidate who blogs about a wide range of topics, from fracking to 9/11 truth. He and other campaigners believe that the children were abused as described in the videos and that they should be returned to their Russian family and mother, who helped make the videos.

The sensational and implausible nature of the allegations are in line with past satanic panic stories that I’ve written about before. That certainly DOES NOT mean some form of abuse hasn’t taken place here, but most likely not in the form described in the videos.

As for those eagerly running with the story to back up their own warped world view like Vigilante Citizen, without even the tiniest shred of evidence or knowledge of the case – shame on you!

UPDATE: Hampstead Abuse Allegations and Online Vigilantism: The Post Savile World

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