I’m the ‘Cult Apologist of the Week’

The crusaders at Hampstead Research have bestowed upon me the honored award of “Cult Apologist of the Week,” for my “negative articles … related to Hampstead.”

Of course for one to be an apologist for a cult, said cult must exist in the first place. In all of the pages and pages of research on the site, author jacquifarmer1984 and her cohorts fail miserably at presenting anything even remotely resembling evidence of the Satanic baby eaters they claim are bringing all holy hell down on Hampstead.

(Oh I’m wrong, they found a white van near the school on Google Earth LOL).

So since she has instructed her minions to hop over here and leave comments, I have a question.

What evidence is there for a Satanic cult operating in Hampstead? Who exactly am I apologizing for?

Have you found any baby remains, blood spatter, shipping containers, Satanic paraphernalia and regalia, former insiders willing to speak out, eye witnesses willing to speak out, photographic evidence, communications data, anyone allegedly involved in the cult saying anything remotely Satanic at any point in history? Did any of you think to double check the church for the secret room without hysterically shouting outside? Or go to the teacher’s home address like the police? Did Ray Savage at any point put his police expertise to use and actually investigate anything on his own watch, or is he happy just being your expert Messiah based on nothing more than listening to Ella? … is there anything?

The only cult I see is a cult of people that believe there is a satanic cult. And I’m not apologizing for them! The site’s tagline is “Fact finding to substantiate the children’s allegations.”

There’s something quite troubling about a group of people who wish the children’s allegations were true despite no supporting evidence whatsoever. If anyone is writing “negative” articles it’s them.

Look at this recent post for example. Taking the photo of some innocent lady and just calling her an abuser because she’s making a funny face. What kind of witch hunt is this!?

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