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The local Hampstead authority has sought the removal of the exploitative videos that show a boy and a girl discussing so called “satanic ritual abuse.”

The siblings in the clips which were shared widely online with permission from the children’s mother, are in the midst of care proceedings, after being removed from her direct custody some months ago.

So far there is no evidence that the wild allegations made in the videos are true (such as a cult cooking babies in a fast food restaurant), but it’s apparent that child protective services believe some kind of isolated abuse may have taken place.

The local authority is currently going through the family courts to try and scrub the internet of the videos in order to dampen the online hysteria that surrounds the story and to protect the children’s identities. However this will most likely have the opposite effect on those who believe the allegations at face value.

UK law deems the publishing of intimate details of ongoing child abuse cases an offence. This includes publishing the names and details of victims and anyone who has been accused of abuse but not charged, as well as any associated testimony. This may be deemed contempt of court among other offences. The uploading and sharing of the videos in question may well be considered a crime.

Meanwhile Sabine McNeill, a campaigner for the mother’s side of the story claims she is fleeing the country. She manages a number of websites and social media accounts that campaign against the secretive nature of the family courts, often reporting intimate details about cases. In this case she revealed the children’s names, where they went to school, and the details of alleged abusers who have never been charged. She was also instrumental in sharing the shocking video clips.

“I booked a plane, packed my suitcase and left. I was told that Barnet, Camden and Met Police are mounting a prosecution against me,” writes McNeill on Change.org.

Teachers at a Hampstead primary school which was named as one of the locations for the satanic abuse were investigated at the time but police found no merit to the allegations. The school has since sent letters to parents explaining the situation.

While it would seem an isolated case of child abuse has indeed taken place, perhaps including the videos themselves, Hampstead most likely isn’t the site of a mass satanic, baby cooking cult.


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Hampstead Abuse Allegations And Online Vigilantism: The Post Savile World

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