Hollie Greig Story A Hoax?


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In the summer of 2000, Hollie told her mother, Anne, that she had been repeatedly sexually abused by her father, Denis Charles Mackie and brother Greg. The abuse had begun when Hollie was just six years` old. Hollie said that Greg had also been abused by his father.

Anne Greig reported this immediately to the local police station in Aberdeen. During the course of that summer, Hollie, who has Down`s Syndrome, began to provide more names of abusers. It transpired that Denis Mackie had been sharing his daughter with a ring of sexual abusers, which included a serving police officer with the Grampian force, Terry Major and an Aberdeen sheriff, Graeme Buchanan.


Is the Hollie Greig case a hoax? That’s the opinion of disaffected former supporters of the story, who went searching for basic evidence to support the claims of self-professed investigator Robert Green and Anne Greig, the mother of the lady in question, and found it completely lacking. According to them and their alternative media talking heads at the UK Column, Hollie Greig, a Down syndrome sufferer was abused by a gang of paedophile’s from the age of 6 years old.

On this week’s show Keelan talks with members of the Hollie Greig Hoax group, including two of Hollie’s alleged abusers, Sylvia Major and Wyn Dragon-Smith, who assert that the whole story is a fabrication. There is not one piece of physical, forensic, eye witness or circumstantial evidence that links either of these two ladies to any abuse of Hollie Greig, yet their names have been plastered all over the Internet and dragged through the mud.

In fact did you know that some of the members of this paedophile ring that has supposedly operated for over a decade in Aberdeen, Scotland, don’t even exist? Or that alleged victims alongside Hollie were either not yet born or adults before they even met her, and have publicly denied they were harmed in any way?

Did you know that Robert Green met with a Christian lobby group that includes dubious psychotherapist Valerie Sinason, MPs and Lords, who appeared to want Green to sex up the satanic side of the story in to a “satanic panic” like they did in the 90s, although was subsequently debunked?

It is now clear that the scandal in this case is not the abuse of an innocent down syndrome girl, but the exploitation of an innocent down’s syndrome girl by snake oil salesmen, dubious activists, Christian fantasists, psychological manipulators, and delusional truthers who have become blind believers of an incompetent alternative media, just like the mainstream “sheep” they condemn!

Everyone has their vested interest. Whether it’s David Icke using the story to prop up his flimsy claims of widespread Satanic Ritual abuse among the wealthy elite, Brian Gerrish & the UK Column lauding it as another example in their crusade against the state, social services and family courts, or Belinda McKenzie (former landlady of MI5 Messiah David Shalyer) adding it to her long list of “activist” causes, the Hollie Greig story and its mythology has grown like a cancer in the truth-seeking movement.

Like a cancer, perhaps its whole purpose was to kill? Kill the credibility of a growing counter culture that always seems to find itself stumbling on to the right things, only for its “leaders” to become Messiahs, egotists or clichéd conspiracy goofs.

If the alternative media is going to retain any credibility, act now, expose the Hollie Greig Hoax!



– Have you ever invited Robert Green, Anne Greig, Brian Gerrish or other supporters of the Hollie Greig story on to your show for a rebuttal?

“No I have not, but just because I haven’t doesn’t prove Hollie Greig was abused by a gang of paedophiles for over a decade. The story put out by the aforementioned is well known and been regurgitated throughout the alternative media for years, so to imply I’m doing a disservice by giving the other side a fair hearing is an oxymoron. I have contacted the UK Column, including sending a physical letter in the past for other reasons and did not even get a response. The Hoax group have tried to engage in a debate many times only to be turned down or accused of all sorts of heinous things. It is the proponents of the story that do not wish to discuss what the Hoax group have brought forward.”

– If Hollie wasn’t abused why has a gag order been put on the story?

“This question contradicts the first one. If there was a gag order how could I talk to the aforementioned proponents of the story? In fact how could I legally publish articles about the story? However there is no gag order and like most of the information presented as fact in this case, this is another distortion. The only person legally prevented from talking about the case is Robert Green. Specifically he is no longer allowed to go around harassing and accusing innocent people of being paedophiles.” (Court Document)

– If Hollie wasn’t abused why was she paid compensation?

“The Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) do not require a crime to have been proven in a court of law to make payment, they use their independent judgment and do not work to the same standard as police investigators etc. It would also be foolish to assume that because Hollie received a pay out, that this proves it was because a gang of satanic abusers, some of who can vanish from all known records, operating for over a decade, abused her. The CICA payout was based on Anne Greig’s story and the fact that Hollie was not a virgin, not on any particular evidence. While this seems odd, CICA have been criticized many times for paying out on flimsy claims. Their purpose is to quiet those that have been failed by the justice system and they do not care if some false claims are caught in the net. I personally do not rule out the possibility that Hollie could have been abused at some point in her life. But her mother, Robert Green and the alternative media talking heads have covered this possibility in a sea of nonsense.” (CICA Explained)

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