Wood flooring refurbishment: All you need to know before sanding your wood flooring

Even though the wood flooring supply on the market offers a wide variety of parquet alternatives, the wood flooring refurbishment is still a smart and practical solution to give a fresh look to your old wood flooring.

However, when considering the full refurbishment of your wood flooring, there are several factors that you should take into consideration. Will a buff be sufficient for your floor? Can your floor support a sanding process or do you need to start analyzing again the wood flooring supply present on the market for a new flooring?

Does your floor need a rough sanding or just a buff?

Sometimes all the dirt and minimal scratches can be removed easily just by performing a deep cleaning procedure or by buffering the wood surface. For a better evaluation of the situation, you can request an opinion from a wood flooring specialist. Most of the time, the team will pay you a free visit in order to evaluate your floor’s condition and to establish the right procedure of wood flooring refurbishment.

Does your floor withstand a full refurbishment?

It is important to note that wood flooring refurbishment cannot be done on any type of wood flooring. Laminate flooring, for example, cannot withstand such an operation, which means that once damaged, it needs to be replaced.

Depending on the structure, hardwood flooring can be sanded 2-3 times (for engineered wood sanding) or up to 10 times (for solid wood flooring). During the evaluation, the wood flooring expert will find out whether or not the thickness of the hardwood layer allows a new refurbishment.

What type of finish would you prefer?

Most of the specials rely on three main types of wood flooring finishes: polyurethane (a plastic-looking finish, recommended especially for high-humidity and high- traffic spaces), varnish (a highly durable, glossy-matte finish) and the penetrating sealer (it’s easy to repair and ensures a very natural look).

Depending on your preferences, but also on the particularities of the space, you can choose, together with your wood flooring specialist, which is the best alternative in your case.

There are clearly many more factors to take into consideration before a full refurbishment of your hardwood flooring, but these three are, for sure, on the top of the list.

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