Will Leo Messi Undoubtedly Be the GOAT If Argentina Win the World Cup?

Messi has always been known as one of the top football players, but whether or not he is the best of his generation is still up for debate. However, many people argue that this could be set to change if he managed to take the trophy in the upcoming World Cup, and this may just give him the edge and allow him to firmly cement his place as the best football player of all time. 

In this article, we will be taking a look at whether or not Messi will be the GOAT if Argentina wins the upcoming World Cup, as well as going over a few of the factors that back up the notion of him being one of the best football players of all time. 

Messi Is Already One Of The All-Time Greats 

If you do not think Messi is the GOAT already, you are going to be in for a rude awakening. Messi’s numerous records put him in a league all of his own, and the number of accomplishments he has achieved throughout his long career is truly staggering. 

Before you say it; no, we are not die-hard Messi fans. The debate between Messi and Ronaldo is one that has fierce devotion on each side, and in all truth, going with the empirical evidence is always the better choice than just faith and devotion. 

Well, in this regard, Messi reigns king. Messi has achieved more in football than perhaps any other football player in history, and all the evidence points towards Messi quite literally being the best player to have ever lived.

Sure, a poor performance in the Football Cup Qatar 2022 is not going to do him any favours – but it certainly would not take away his innumerable achievements and accomplishments. Messi has proved himself time and time again, and in almost all regards, Messi is already the GOAT.

An Extra World Cup Win To His Name Would Pale In Comparison To His Previous Achievements

If you were to take a look at the previous World Cup winners, you would notice that Argentia happens to be included in this list. That’s right; Argentia has already won a World Cup in recent years, and replicating this success again is going to do very little in terms of cementing Messi’s legacy even further. 

This is just one of the many accolades he has garnered throughout his career, and another World Cup win is likely only going to be a blip on his radar when looking back at his accomplishments. It would be akin to a world champion boxer being heckled for losing a championship fight after he has won the past ten times – it is not going to reflect Messi’s career as a whole even if Argentia doesn’t win.

There is very little in the world of football that Messi hasn’t done, and for all intents and purposes, he already is the greatest football player in history. 

To sum this article up; Messi has always been the GOAT, and he has been for almost as long as his career has existed. Messi has already proved himself all across the board, and in all likelihood, getting another World Cup victory under his belt is going to do very little to convince the neigh-sayers.

There are very few players that have achieved even a fraction of Messi’s success, and we are not going to see another player like him for a very long time. Catch you in the next one. 

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