Who is Rami Cassis? Kickboxing’s Newest Name

If you haven’t yet heard of Rami Cassis, then it’s worth familiarising yourself with the name – Rami Cassis is one of the fastest up and coming names in the kickboxing world. But what’s his story, and who really is Rami Cassis?

His Start in Boxing

Rami’s boxing venture started early – as a teenager, Rami faced a lot of prejudice from classmates for his Egyptian descent, as well as the fact that he spoke French rather than English. Standing out brought a lot of challenges, and often Rami had to defend himself – sometimes physically. This fight to stand up for himself fuelled his fire to fight and was the beginning of his passion.

Though he did a little kickboxing at university in Sydney as well as kung-fu, his real kickboxing journey didn’t start until he moved to the UK. It only took a year for Rami to progress quickly through his kickboxing club, making connections with several managers along the way who encouraged him to fight professionally. His previous experience in kung-fu means he almost developed his own style, matching the speed and observation skills from kung-fu with the ferocity of kickboxing. 

Businessman and Investor?

Rami Cassis isn’t just known in the kickboxing world, however – he’s also known well in the business world for his talent for investing. His biggest achievement is the foundation of his own office, Parabellum Investments, trading as a global private equity firm. The success of this venture means Parabellum Investments has acquired a variety of companies, from fashion retailers to technology consultants. 

It doesn’t stop there though – Rami’s experience contains a variety of different roles. He began as an operating engineer, working up through various management roles including managing director. He eventually worked up to roles such as chairman and CEO before founding Parabellum Investments himself. Both his previous experience and his degrees in Aerospace Engineering and Pure and Applied Mathematics influence his effective work style today.

What Does Rami Cassis Do Now?

After exploring his past, what exactly is it that Rami Cassis is doing now? During his kickboxing career, he’s fought in six competitions in total, winning four, drawing one, and losing only one. He plans to follow this to win more and more, making Rami Cassis one of the fastest rising names in the kickboxing world.

Having just acquired luxury fashion retailer Hervia, Rami plans on pushing forward even further in business, expanding into new territory both in the business world and physically – with Parabellum Investments already spanning three continents, it’s certain that there’ll be plenty more expansions and adventures to look out for. 

Outside of work, you can find Rami taking an interest in the fashion world, potentially one of the motivations for his latest business venture. His passion for each of his ventures is clear to see and is most likely the reason why Rami Cassis is so successful.

From kickboxing to investments, Rami Cassis is making his mark on many domains – he’s a name that you’ll be sure to hear more about in the near future!

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