What is the best kitchen faucet?

The most water consumable place in a home is the kitchen. Kitchen faucets open and close many times a day, so they have to be used even more than other things in the kitchen. Before buying, it would help to study what is the best kitchen faucet and its types. We will discuss the best kitchen faucet from a variety of modifications. The article describes the design and operational features, identifies the pros and cons of various kitchen faucets. This information will help you understand which type of mixer is right for you.[swivel bathroom faucet]

Design differences between models

It is worth choosing a mixer for the kitchen, proceeding, first of all, from the principle of mixing water. Among the options, you should pay attention to the following models:

Two-valve faucet

The design of the models is harmonious, symmetrical; they look good in different kitchens. In the catalogs of manufacturers, there are not only retro designs but also modern two-valve mixers with useful accents: a pull-out spout, filters, and other advantages. 

Single-lever faucet

They are the right choice for active culinary professionals who want every element of their kitchen to work smoothly. With just one little finger, you can quickly turn on the water by lifting the mixer lever. They have a smooth ride and do not turn on the water with a sudden strong pressure. 

Touchless faucets

If you need a super modern, smart assistant, install a faucet in the kitchen with a motion sensor. As soon as you bring your hands or dishes to the mixer, it will react and automatically start delivering water at the temperature you set. The cost of these faucets is quite high, and you do not always need the same temperature for different purposes. So it would help if you thought about the practicality of such a product for your purposes.

Spout geometry

In the collections of different brands, you will find faucets with high spout, horizontal, short, and many other variations. The spout determines when you can put tall dishes under the faucet, how convenient it is to wash dishes and food in the sink and to draw water into containers.

All faucets are useful in their own way, but how to determine the best and choose the right faucet for the kitchen?

  1. The mixer with a high spout is one of the most practical models that frees up a lot of space between the sink and the tap. You can fill a bottle, filter bowl, tall saucepan, and wash cutting boards. The high spout can be swivel, which is essential for double sinks and equipped with a filter for hard water. 
  2. The faucet with a straight horizontal spout looks stylish and can also be tall without a round curve. It is better to choose such a mixer for a deep sink since there is less space under it than under a high rounded spout model . 
  3. A faucet with a short spout should be installed strictly in the center of the sink. In this way, you will have the opportunity to clean the bowl thoroughly and draw water by placing the container in its center. It is convenient to wash tableware and cutlery, food under a short tap, but not bulky items in the form of pans and baking sheets. A short spout is appropriate in a small kitchen for simple tasks.

The shape also determines which mixer is best for the kitchen – with a flat and round faucet. The flat spout is a modern design that differs from the classic forms and is therefore in demand among customers. It’s easy to maintain, and the flat spout fits well in high-tech kitchens.

Additional features of kitchen faucets

Water supply is not the only function of a high-quality modern mixer for a long time. The accessory has become purified drinking water source and is used to cleanse soft fruits and herbs gently. Instead of one strong pressure, you can use a light shower and move the jet’s direction in any direction you want.

Which faucet to choose for the kitchen to enjoy all the advantages of the latest manufacturers’ developments?

Faucet with filter 

The filter protects the mixer mechanism from plaque that leaves behind hard water saturated with salts. The result is cleaner, safer water that can be safely used for cooking. A mixer with a filter eliminates the need to install purification systems on your own or to settle water every time before cooking. 

A faucet with a hole for drinking water 

It is the right choice for home and office kitchens, do not buy additional purified water and not to boil it before use. There are two openings in the tap of the mixer – for running water and drinking water, which has undergone enhanced filtration. This model is convenient because it allows you not to install a second mixer for drinking water; you can obtain all the water from one tap. 

A faucet with a pull-out shower

It is the best for a kitchen if it has a large sink with two bowls or if the owner spends a lot of time cooking, culinary experiments, or working with various products. Berries, fruits, vegetables, and herbs need delicate processing; fast water pressure can damage the thin skin and leaves. The soft shower creates optimal pressure and allows you to wash food without damage. If the shower tends to be pulled out on a long hose, you can lead the water outside the sink. For example, to fill a large, heavy saucepan that won’t fit in the sink.

Spout Height of the Faucet

The mixer parameters should not be ignored at the selection stage. The height and width must be analyzed before you install a new faucet in your kitchen or bathroom. The dimensions allow you to determine whether the mixer will not be close to the furniture and whether the swivel spout can rotate in all directions stated by the manufacturer. What is spout height, and how is this indicator useful in everyday life?

The spout height is the distance from the bottom of the faucet, with which it is installed on the side of the sink. This distance should be sufficient to comfortably wash dishes, things, face, hands, and perform other manipulations with water.

High spout 

Approx. 25 cm high. It is only suitable for installation in conjunction with a deep sink. If a high spout is mounted near a flat and shallow bowl, water will spray out even with a low flow.

Low and medium spout 

The height of these models varies from 12 to 25 cm. This figure is enough to wash your hands and carry out simple hygiene procedures. Most of all, this model is suitable for a bathroom and a bathroom, where you install a shallow bowl.  

We have provided all the features of different types of faucets. Now it depends on your choice- what you think is best for you. Select a faucet according to your needs, size of the sinks, and the height you want. 


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