What are the Stages of Braces Treatment?

Although this treatment is called intraoral braces among the people, its scientific name is orthodontics.



However, it is easier for people who want straight teeth to focus on results rather than treatment. If you want to have straight teeth and a beautiful smile, it is useful to know the treatment steps and to have information about what you will encounter in advance. Orthodontic treatment takes place in two stages. First of all, it is important that the teeth are placed perpendicular to the necessary places. In the second stage, it is essential to protect the place where the teeth are placed in their correct positions and their permanence.

Braces treatment may be preferred if the person has a gap or incompatibility between the teeth or has gum problems. The duration of use of braces varies between 18 and 24 months, depending on the problem.


Braces Treatment Stages

In the first stage of the bracket process, metal, ceramic/sapphire and plastic materials are used. Orthodontists generally prefer metal brackets, but other types of brackets may also be preferred for aesthetics. Thanks to the pressure applied to the teeth with the wire passing through the brackets fixed to the teeth, it is ensured that the teeth gradually cover the required area. The period of use of braces can take between 6 months and 3 years, depending on the patient’s dental structure and usage needs. Brackets are attached to the teeth with a special adhesive. Then a wire called arch wire is passed through the supports. This wire determines the direction of movement provided to the teeth.

With the help of this floss, the teeth will reach right angles. Due to the pressure applied to the teeth, tooth sensitivity lasting up to a week after braces is normal. Care should be taken to ensure that the tooth is completely in its new position and is held in place. If this step is not applied correctly, the tooth may return to its former position and the treatment may not yield effective results. During orthodontic treatment, when the bone around the tooth melts in the direction of movement, new bones are formed in the space created by the movement of the tooth. After the treatment is completed and the tooth movement is complete, the formation of bone in a reorganized structure around the tooth is a long process.

The passive treatment applied during periodontal bone regeneration and the adaptation of the surrounding soft tissues to this new condition is called maintenance. The orthodontist determines the duration of the consolidation treatment and the type of treatment. On the other hand, the patient completes the final stage in order to obtain the desired teeth by applying the correct and necessary rules.

How Is Braces Treatment Performed?

For traditional orthodontic treatment, braces are first placed on the teeth one by one and with a special adhesive. After cleaning around the stiffened support of the beam, a wire called a coil is passed through the supports. If necessary, the supports can be fixed with rubber. In the pasting method, which has been preferred in recent years, a tooth model is prepared according to the measurements taken from the patient’s mouth. Brackets are connected to this model and transmitted to the teeth. Braces treatment starts 1 hour after the procedure for each jaw. Physician and patient compliance is very important for fast results in orthodontic treatments lasting 8 to 30 months. Treatment will be faster if you avoid habits that break brackets, damage teeth and pay special attention to oral hygiene.


What are the Types of Braces?

There are various types of wire. These breeds are based on structural defects of the mouth or jaw. Species; metal brackets, clear ceramic brackets, ceramic brackets and wireless orthodontic brackets. The most widely used and preferred type is the metal holder. Braces are a form of treatment applied to correct if there is a defect in the alignment of the teeth. The application of brackets also means that the brackets and wires are attached to the brackets. When these wires apply force to the supports, the engagement of the teeth becomes ideal.

The application of the braces method is also preferred in cases where the teeth are not fully erupted, the teeth are cracked or broken. During the treatment, you may feel pain as the teeth begin to move. Painkillers are also recommended for this. Again, it is not possible to eat solid foods during treatment. Eating while biting is both difficult and unpredictable. During the thread treatment, sores may appear in the mouth. This is because the threads touch the mouth and sink.


The Right Address for Braces: Healdone

Reliable addresses are very important for braces operations. Because in this business, the patient’s belief in recovery is as valuable as the operation. Professionals who are experts in this field should be trusted. Healdone Hospital is extremely successful in this regard.

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