Ways to De-Stress and Motivate Your Employees

The past months have been somewhat stressful for a lot of people. Even those who have to work from home also ended up with mental health issues. As a business leader, you should be responsible for making sure that your team feels okay. The inability to focus on the required tasks could adversely impact the company. Productivity will go down, and everything suffers.

Furthermore, these employees are like family members. You don’t want them to feel stressed out at work. These tips can help you motivate them and help with stress release.

Don’t be too tough

It’s understandable to be firm as a leader. You have to set clear deadlines and constantly remind your employees about what they have to accomplish. However, given how stressful this moment already is, you need to take it easy. You don’t wish to make things worse for them by putting them under immense pressure. Be gentle in your reminders, and try not to scold your employees for whatever reason.

Host a meditation workshop

Even if everyone is working from home, you can still host a meditation workshop. You can do it virtually. Your employees can follow the workshop from home. As long as there’s a place where they can be quiet for a while and get rid of distractions, it’s good enough. Meditation helps people forget the stressful situation and focus on the present. Once your employees learned the techniques, they can do the process on their own.

Have a theme day 

Whether everyone is working in the office or at home, having a theme day would be appropriate. It’s an excellent way to relax and remind everyone not to take things too seriously. The good thing about doing it is that you can see the more creative side of your employees. The work environment also becomes less toxic and more fun. Come up with themes that are easy to follow, and everyone won’t have a problem with.

Organise fun activities

The workplace doesn’t necessarily have to be all about work. You can also switch things up so that everyone can relax now and then. Hosting a team building activity would be great. It allows your employees to get to know each other and strengthen their bond. Although everyone is having fun, this activity also helps the business in the long run. Another option is to have a fairground hire. Employees can bring family members to this event and enjoy the day. If it’s not possible to host these activities now, you can at least start planning.

Conduct weekly games

You can pause work for an hour each week to play some fun games. Other games can be ongoing for the entire week without disrupting work. Be creative in looking for ideas that will encourage your employees to participate. For instance, you can have mystery games or trivia games. Prepare rewards for those who excelled.

We already live in a stressful environment. The workplace makes things worse for a lot of people. It’s time that you step up and implement these changes.

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