Tottenham’s Stadium Gamble

Tottenham’s recent win over Southampton highlighted a couple of key points. First, is showed that the team had the grit and determination to fight back after a poor showing in the North London derby. While, secondly it showed that their fans have fallen out of love with Wembley.

The club’s plan to move into their new stadium in September 2018 was always going to be a gamble and not one that resembled playing online casino at Genting. No, this was one that risked derailing a whole season.

With just a month’s worth of action to be scheduled to be played at Wembley, it meant that there was set to be a relatively smooth transition between switching from their temporary home to the new White Hart Lane.

However, as we all know it has been setback after setback in terms of completing the project. One that has now seen the club somewhat outstay their welcome at Wembley, especially if the attendance of the Southampton game is anything to go by.

Less than 35,000 made the midweek trip to Wembley, meaning the ground was not only just over a third full but also made for almost embarrassing scenes as far as the television cameras were concerned.

Images that may well prompt chairman Daniel Levy into action in a bid to make sure the move home is finally complete in January 2019, with the first fixture reportedly planned to be the visit of Jose Mourinho’s Manchester United.

Quite simply the club cannot delay their move any further, not just because they are playing in front of sparse crowds at the moment but because they need to be away from Wembley if they are to really compete for honours this season.

With the title race now firmly in the balance, Tottenham will feel that they still have a major say in where the Premier League trophy ends up next May. A voice that becomes even louder should their long awaited stadium build be complete.

If they can move back in January as planned then this will give their title hopes an almighty boost, their home form in their last season at the old White Hart Lane was imperious as they did not lose any of their 19 matches.

If they can re-capture that form in the second half of the season while in their new surroundings, then they will feel that there is absolutely no reason that they cannot make up the ground that is currently between themselves and the table topping duo of Liverpool and Manchester City.

However, should that move not come to fruition and is delayed even further then there is every chance that it could deflate the club. Something which could in turn make even finishing in the top four a struggle.

Tottenham seem to be at a crossroads at present and while all they can do is continue to win league matches, it is undoubtedly apparent that the task would be a whole lot easier if they could attempt to do so in more familiar surroundings.

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