The Top Mistakes that People Make when Getting Car Insurance

There’s no such thing as extremely good and also extremely cheap, but you are bound to be a lot closer to such a result if you conduct your search for a car insurance while avoiding some very common mistakes. Here are the things that you should avoid at any cost, in your search for cheap car insurance.

Don’t shake hands with the first dealer you meet

One of the most common mistakes is that people always seem to levitate towards just accepting what is offered to them by the very first insurance dealer in their path. The chances of that dealer offering you the best offer on the market are extremely low, and it’s in your best interest to first investigate all your options before you actually commit to one deal or another. A simple sweep of the market will unveil loads of opportunities that will almost surely present you with a better deal.

Don’t boast about your profession

If you hold an important position or you are supervising several other people, it’s not a good idea to boast about it when you give your job description. Kitchen staff is a way better description than professional chef, in this context because kitchen staff isn’t part of as many categories. While in other places being as pompous as possible in this regard could benefit you, this is the time to be as modest as possible without lying, of course.

Don’t look for insurance on the day before it expires

If your insurance expires tomorrow, you’re in a lot of trouble because it will be extremely difficult if not straight up impossible for you to find a great deal. You are at the mercy of the dealers and you have no wiggle room. You basically have no other choice than to take the deal you are offered. When you start your search ahead of the deadline however, you can start talking your way to a better deal. You have room to move around and you aren’t feeling the pressure of time. This makes it infinitely easier for you to say “no”, if that’s the correct answer.

Don’t be the only driver on your policy

If you’re going to be the only person driving the car, it’s understandable how it makes sense to be the only driver on your policy. But adding a secondary driver to it can save you some money. Drivers can get discounts based on their record and such, and by adding someone with experience and a clean sheet on their driver’s license, you can save quite a pretty penny. Keep in mind however that if you add every person with a driver’s license that you know on your policy, you might end up paying more, not less.

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