Top 10 Reasons Your Relationship May Not Work

Thousands of people around you are searching for a partner. People are talking about how much they want to be in a relationship, and how they hate being lonely. Unfortunately, almost no one is concerned about how to make a relationship work. If you are lonely, it may feel that finding a partner is a big deal, but making a relationship work is a far bigger issue that it may seem to you. You can find a partner, but without working on your relationship, you’ll face an inevitable breakup. Why? Here are top ten reasons from vava why your relationship may not work.

1. Lack of Communication

You know why making a long distance relationship work is an easier job than taking care of your romance when you see your partner every day? Because long distance relationship are all about communication. You either talk via Skype everyday or you are chatting everyday. When it comes to standard relationship, a lot of people consider communication to be less relevant. Sure, you don’t like something about your partner, but why talking to him about that when you can just complain to your friends? That’s not going to work, unfortunately.

2. Involuntarily Cheating

Wait, what? Cheating doesn’t require getting in bed with somebody except your partner. Remember complaining to your friends instead of talking to your partner? That’s involuntarily cheating. Yes, you may trust your friends, but should you be in a relationship with someone whom you trust less than your friends? Don’t cheat on your partner, even in this, harmless at first glance, way.

3. Spending Too Much Time Together

Yeah, yeah… when you are spending too much time together makes it way more easier to get bored of each other. Plus, everyone must have some alone time. You know, just face to face with your own thoughts and feelings.

4. Dissolving In Your Partner

A lot of us make that terrible mistake of dissolving in our partners. First of all, you are losing yourself. And by losing yourself, you start losing your partner. Mind that your partner fell for you because you were yourself and not his or her toy. Don’t make yourself less valuable for your partner with your own hands.

5. Lack of Intimacy

You may say that sex is not that important for your relationship… but only in the case that you are a couple of asexuals. In all the other cases, sex is important. Of course, the best way is when you both want sex at the same time. But if that doesn’t happen, manage to make favours each other from time to time. Otherwise, your partner may start looking for some sugar on the side.

6. Unsure of the Future

Do you know what’s coming next in your relationship? You know where your relationship is going? If not, you need to talk about that, cause otherwise, there might be no point in it.

7. Having Different Plans

You want to move to another country, while your partner is quite okay with everything he or she has in your town? Well, either one will subdue his plans for other partner’s benefits, or you would eventually split.

8. You Stopped Working

As we’ve said before, you need to work on your relationship. If you stop trying, your relationship will simply rot like an apple that you forgot on the table.

9. Jumping on the Board too Fast

Your new relationship started immediately after a breakup? You know that taking a break from your previous relationship does make new one work? If not, don’t be surprised that your new romance is failing, as you haven’t forgot your ex yet.

10. Do You Love Your Partner?

It’s a question that you really need to ask yourself, even before starting a relationship. If you started your romance simply because you didn’t want to be lonely, the chances that your sympathy, if there is a sympathy, will grow into love are extremely low.

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