The Tommys Are Joining UKIP

‘The Tommys’, as Dutch nationalist Geert Wilders called attendees at the #FreeTommy rally in London, are apparently joining UKIP in droves as high profile YouTubers lead by example.

Count Dankula of ‘Nazi Pug’ fame, Sargon of Akkad, Paul Joseph Watson, and others, have all decided to push their followers to “join” and/or “takeover” the struggling party for “the banter” or perhaps, legitimate political aspirations.

As with many web-born actions of the new ‘classical liberal’ right, this seems to be both a show of power and a joke all at the same time.

If they’re serious, UKIP leader Gerrard Batten will welcome them with open arms, just as he’s done with the Tommy Robinson circus that managed to get thousands on to the streets – a feat the one-issue party could only have dreamed of at the last election.

If Brexit wasn’t the wake-up call they needed, the British political establishment may well be seeing the beginnings of their own Trumpian revolution.

It would be wrong to label this a far-right or alt-right movement and those in the mainstream that will inevitably do so, feed the movement to their own detriment. Their politics aren’t white nationalist and at the least, they’re not traditional right-wingers.

It’s an anti-SJW/PC, anti-Islamisation, free speech absolutist brand of populism that’s found its home online and is already drawing crowds in the street and selling out venues. Until the establishment acknowledges and deals with it on an intellectual level, instead of dismissing it with outdated labels or leaving it to the nutty SJWs, it’s only going to grow.

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