Tips on How to Look After Your Vape

A vape is an electronic cigarette. The act of inhaling and exhaling the vapor produced by an e-cig is called vaping. Lately, smoking electronic cigarettes has been considered safer and is used to help heavy tobacco smokers rehabilitate. Recent statistics show that the number of vapers has increased by more than 30 million with the number expected to hit 55 million by 2021.

Components of a Vape

For you to efficiently maintain your vaping device, you need to understand the various parts of the vape. A vape consists of three main parts.

  • The battery is the power source of the tape device. In most cases, it is rechargeable and may have voltage and temperature control options.
  • The tank is also known as the cartridge. It holds the e-juice. It is combined with the atomizer to form one single unit.
  • The coil is a heating element that changes the e-juice into vapour to be inhaled by the vaper.

After technological developments, box mods, which have a larger housing and use stronger batteries, have been introduced. They are available at Box mod batteries provide more power, making box mods produce more vapour, a robust throat hit and improved e-juice flavour.

Pro Tips on How to Maintain Your Vape

  • Always maintain an ideal e-juice level.
  • When not in use, safely store your vape to prevent damage.
  • Keep your e-liquid away from direct sunlight and high temperatures.

Cleaning Your Vaping Devices

When your vaping device is not providing the experience you want, it is essential that you clean the vaporizer thoroughly with the recommended vape pen care and maintenance. Every part should be cleaned separately.

How to Clean the Vape Tank

Mostly, this is done when you intend to change the e-juice flavours and wish not to compromise the new taste with the old one. For a simple rinse, here are steps to help you.

  • Fill a basin with warm water. Then, separate the tank from the mod.
  • Pour out any of the old remaining e-juice. Next, dismantle the tank completely.
  • Place the parts of the tank into the basin and wash until they are clean.
  • Wipe the tank components with a dry cloth. Air dry them for about 15 minutes.
  • Rebuild the tank and the device.

For a deep clean, you can use alcohol to help you remove tough e-juice stains from the vape tank. Besides, when cleaning with alcohol, you will be required to rinse the tank components in warm water. After that, wipe the parts with a dry cloth. Air dry them and reassemble the tank with the device.

How to Clean Your Vape Coil

Coils play an essential role in determining the flavour of the vapour you inhale. Unlike vape tanks, which are cleaned in warm water, wetting your coil will result in a burnout. Therefore, it is recommended to frequently replace your vape coil depending on how frequently you vape. Here are the steps to follow when changing your coil.

  • Separate the tank from the device and pour out any remaining e-juice.
  • Swivel the coil to the left to unscrew it from the tank.
  • Replace the coil by screwing in the new coil.
  • Reassemble the tank with the device.

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