The Key to Modernizing Your B2B Customer Service Strategy

It doesn’t matter how big or small your business is, if you’re working in the B2B industry you’ll need to modernise your customer service strategy. This may feel like a tall order, but revamping your customer care technique is much easier than it sounds.

The answer? Purchase and use the right contact centre tools and software for your business. This article will explore a few tips on how to establish the kinds of programs you need to revolutionise your customer service strategy.

The IVR Innovation Wheel

For those that don’t know what the IVR innovation wheel is, it’s a visual representation of the engagement cycles experienced by modern contact centres.

The wheel divides customer engagement into seven sections. This works wonders for helping you identify, evaluate and improve the overall customer experience you deliver to your B2B customers.

The first four of the seven segments (providing context continuity, predicting caller intent, adapting to me and calling them before they call you) fall under the broader category of personalising the customer service your B2B customers. Whereas, the remaining three sections refer to how you can supplement your customer service via digital comms channels. These segments are as follows: going digital (visual IVR), going multi-model (Text2IVR) and ensuring no time is wasted while the customer is on hold (in queue self-service).

Focusing your attention on these seven areas is a surefire solution to modernising your current B2B customer service strategy.

Consider Cloud Software

Never have cloud-based comms systems been so popular. One of the reasons for this is that in recent years more and more features have been added to high-level, cloud-based services. So, if you haven’t converted to the cloud, it’s certainly something worth considering.

The types of additional features we’re referring to, include:

  • Live agent SMS channel support. Your customer support agents can respond to customers (live) via SMS messaging.
  • Enhanced evaluations. You can create advanced forms for collecting customer feedback and access data on trends and detailed reports.
  • Availability in Europe. More and more software companies are broadening their market, which is excellent if you have an international audience.

These are just a few of the many developments cloud-based call centre software has seen in recent years.

Pick the Right Contact Centre Solution for Your Business

Despite all the perks of cloud-based contact centre solutions, for some businesses, it isn’t the best option for them. For companies handling more sensitive data like those in the healthcare and finance niches, they might benefit from a comms system that gives them more control over the security and storage of their data. This is where either an on-premise or a hybrid platform might be more appropriate.

Ready to Revamp Your B2B Customer Service Strategy?

All that’s left to do is put this advice into action. To recap, if you want to modernise your B2B customer service strategy, you should do the following three things:

  1. Consult the IVR innovation wheel.
  2. Consider using a cloud-based customer contact centre.
  3. Evaluate which comms solution best meets the needs of your business.

Of course, there are other steps you can take to revamp your B2B customer service methods, but these three suggestions are an excellent starting point.

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