The Hysteria That Vaping Causes Cancer – What You Need to Know

Recently, studies have shown that vaping is linked to cancer in mice. After the publication of these findings, the media has gone wild with allegations that even human beings are at risk. According to one study by a popular university in the USA, the vape from e-cigs exposed mice to the risk of cancer. Out of the 40 subjects that were exposed, 23 had issues relates to cancer while nine developed problems in the lungs.

The Difference Between Mice and Human Beings

According to experts, mice have a lot of similarities with human beings, and that is why they are used in these tests. In the history of medical research, the results they give are as close as possible to human beings. Just like human, mouse have cells that are sensitive to cancer-triggering bodies. As such, nicotine is likely to have effect on people just like it did to the rodents.

People have a reason to panic and take all the necessary precautions. If mice have shown these results, it means that vape users are not safe, either. When exposed to vape that is full of nicotine and other toxins, they increase their chances of getting cancer.

Taking Precautions When Vaping

Even with the hysteria all over that people are at risk of getting cancer from vaping, vaping is becoming increasingly popular. If you check these guys out, you will get to know what vaping devices and accessories are becoming popular. But people should take all of the necessary precautions when vaping to reduce the chances of getting lung, throat, or any other form of cancer. Here are the most common precautions to take.

  •       Avoid nicotine where possible – What many people do not know is that nicotine is a dangerous chemical in both vapes and cigarettes. While it is tightly bonded in cigarettes, vapers can avoid or reduce it. To ensure that your health is not in any danger, endeavor to use e-juices without nicotine. This is possible if you can reduce the amount from high to medium to low, then to none.
  •       Buy e-juice from reliable sources – Apart from the fact that e-juice contains nicotine that is poisonous when vaped, poorly-manufactured e-juice is highly toxic. Other chemicals that are added during manufacturing process or through contamination increases the chances of getting cancer and related illnesses. But legit e-juices rarely have these problems. So, do enough research and ensure that you have bought the best.
  •       Reduce vaping instances – The less you vape, the lower your chances of getting cancer. The hysteria should only scare people who vape a lot in a day. But those who do it occasionally have reduced chances of contracting cancer and related illnesses.


Amid all the hysteria that people are in danger of getting cancer when they vape, the precautions we have discussed have been helping people to reduce it. Since the research has come clear that vaping causes cancer in mice, people are in the same danger. The ultimate solution to keep this risk at bay is to stay away from vaping where possible. Make the right decision today.

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