The European Educational Crisis

Over the last two decades, Europe has faced multiple unique challenges which have shaped its outlook. Today, there are multiple challenges including Brexit, the rise of nationalism, declining global relevance by European countries, terrorism among others. However, there’s an ongoing educational crisis which doesn’t receive much attention. Much of the focus is on political and economic issues throwing education to the backburner. If you have a paper on the state of education in Europe and you need help to get your homework done, this article delves into some of the major issues you should address.

1. Inclusiveness in Education

A debate organized by the Council of European Union in 2016, highlighted inclusiveness as a major crisis in education. The participants noted that while education is a tool for social and economic development, there was a big gap in pulling everyone to take part.

With underprivileged groups growing due to immigration into Europe, there is a problem of integrating immigrants into the educational system. This leads to their exclusion in social development and condemns them to poorly paying jobs. To address inequality in European societies, there is a need to address inclusivity and this touches on more than immigrants as many native communities still can’t access quality education.

2. Digital Tools in Education

The rise of digital tools in modern society poses a big dilemma for educational policymakers in Europe. While private institutions quickly embrace new technologies, a lack of clear guidelines in education poses a major problem for public schools.

It is true some of the internet tools pose risks to learners but failure to set up guidelines on their use in schools is a cause for alarm. Educational policymakers need to formulate regulations for digital learning and allow learners across the continent to leverage these new technologies.

3. The Resource Challenge

Governments that invest heavily in education reap more in the long run but this is not always how things work out. With the demand for education on the rise, many European governments have started feeling the strain of injecting resources in the education system.

Budget cuts are common as governments seek a balance and this has led to the deterioration of educational standards in some countries. Some parents now opt to take their kids abroad for higher
education which is a result of dwindling investment in education.

4. Educational Systems Failing the Young People

One way to recognize a country has an educational crisis is to look at the state of its youth. In Europe, many young people complain about the skills acquired in school vis-à-vis the expectations of the job market. Youth unemployment in Europe is high and one explanation is that the educational system is not giving learners the skills they need. There’s the problem of attaining the wrong skills for the target jobs and over qualification for such jobs.

5. Lack of Harmony in Educational Systems

While Europe strives to create a harmonious society through the European Council, this has not worked seamlessly in the education sector. Most countries stick to their traditional systems of education as long as they meet the set guidelines by the EU. This creates complications for educational institutions which want to expand beyond their borders and employers who want to recruit from other countries.

Different countries give different priorities to different subjects in line with their economic objectives. Methodologies also differ and learners in Europe thus have very different backgrounds when going to the job market.

The educational crisis in Europe might not hog all the attention with other big political issues such as Brexit dominating headlines. However, educational experts need to consider these arising issues to ensure the education system aids learners in the job market while at the same time promoting social equity. If you have a paper on the European educational crisis, you can get more resources from online sources such as Ez Assignment Help.

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