The best photography/film spots in Poland

Are you going to release a video or film, and you need to find the best place for it? Poland is full of the beautiful places, but it is a few places which are not included in any tourist book. How to find them and use them if you are not a native Polish?

Podlasie and Bieszczady – idyllic landscapes, authentic culture

Nowadays many directors and film producers look for unusual places to shoot movies and videoclips. Among European countries Poland remains the hidden gem what honestly is a bit unfair. Located in the heart of Europe, Poland has a lot to offer when it comes to fantastic movie locations. There are still undiscovered peaceful villages, monumental mountains, and wild seashores. One of the most beautiful and authentic places in this country is Podlasie.

A very traditional part of Poland is situated in its north-eastern part. Podlasie bordering Lithuania and Belarus didn’t lost it is an internal magic – the villages are filled up with wooden cottages, paved roads, and pastures. It’s a typical rural region with pure and divine nature and rich traditions. One of the most important places in Podlasie, but also in entire Poland and even in Europe is Białowieża Forest – one of the last primeval forests on the continent. Białowieża Forest was one of the places where scenes for Walt Disney Pictures production The Chronicles of Narnia were shooting.

Podlasie is inhabited by different nations and ethnic groups like for Poles, Belarusians, Tatars, and others, what determines the unique architecture in this region. In one village you can find both catholic and orthodox churches, also wooden mosques, and old synagogues. The other interesting rural area is a mountainous region of Bieszczady. One of the wildest parts of Poland is becoming more and more popular year by year due to this beautiful landscapes and nature. Bieszczady Mountains are also home for the UNESCO primeval forests known as a part of Ancient and Primeval Beech Forests of the Carpathians and Other Regions of Europe. It’s an amazing place to shoot movie scenes but it might be also quite problematic.

Similarly, to Białowieża region in Podlasie, Bieszczady mountains located in south-eastern Poland are bordering foreign countries. As it’s not a problem in case of Slovakia, a part of the European Union and Schengen Zone, producers should be aware of crossing or getting close to the border with Ukraine as a non-Schengen state (you need to have a EU passport and come across full border control, but you don’t need any visa). Some of the areas in Bieszczady need special permissions to shoot films or photographs being also a part of the National Park.

How to find these places in Podlasie or Bieszczady?

Also, as Podlasie still remains one of the less crowded areas in Poland, one of the most traditional and in some ways one of the most remote ones in various cases, it might be also quite difficult to organize a movie plan with all the permissions, accommodations and other things needed to make it a movie plan. Same as Bieszczady, Białowieża Forest is a part of the National Park and is bordering non-Schengen state – Belarus, that can be a cause of some complications when it comes to free mobility.

Luckily there’s a good and easy way to cope with all these procedures that can be carried of by fixer in Poland. Polish fixer is a 10-year experienced and highly skilled fixer helping with organizing and managing the process of movie or TV shows production. He may not only give the advice of how to find the perfect spot for shooting but also organize the movie plan from the beginning to the end. Polish fixer helps finding relevant places and people, get all the permissions and other required components needed for realization of production.

Other interesting spots worth knowing

While there are such remote places as Podlasie or Bieszczady, there are also top or even iconic cities in Poland perfect for TV shows or cinema productions like medieval Kraków, industrial Łódź or modern Warsaw. These cities are not only becoming more and more popular among international tourists but also desirable places for shooting movie scenes. If any producer or director would like to put these locations in their movies they should definitely ask for help fixer in Poland.

There are still hidden and hardly available spots in cities like abandoned factories or hotels, dense communist residentials with a kind of iconic, grey and overwhelming cityscapes, old harbours and dark narrow streets. All these places are not so easy to find by people who don’t exactly know the city. Even more, some of them are hardly accessible and probably this is another reason why you need fixer in Poland to find and prepare your dream locations for recording.

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