Ten Biggest Arguments Why Diets Suck

When it comes to our bodies, there are many things that we don’t understand. One of them is dieting. Many people start dieting to achieve specific body goals. However, is it necessary to cut out all your favourite meals and snacks in the name of dieting?

Regardless of your answer, for some of us, it seems like it’s going to be more torture than anything. As we get older, there are certain habits that we pick up along the way. Our bodies adapt to them, and before we know it, they’re a permanent part of our lifestyle.

Rather than helping control food intake, diets restrict us from foods that we love and enjoy.

Here are the reasons why diets suck!

It Is a Short-Term Solution

In the beginning, it’s easy to maintain a diet. But, as soon as you achieve your goals, it’s also easy to neglect your diet plan. After that, it’s only a short time before you gain back the weight and end up frustrated.


Like in childhood, when you’re deprived of something, you often end up wanting it more. It’s a psychological effect – humans are always most interested in the things they can’t have, and dieting is no exception.


As much as losing weight can be easy at first, you will find out that maintaining what you’ve achieved is unrealistic. For example, if a diet of only fruit helped you with your achievement, it would be silly to claim that surviving on fruits alone is healthy. There’s a lot of other vital nutrients that fruit does not contain.

No Enjoyment

Let’s face it, diet food is often like prison food. Furthermore, no one wants to go out with friends and watch them eat alone because of a diet plan.

No Education

When it comes to working out, some fundamentals need to be explained. The basics are offered to give some knowledge of what, how and why one should do specific exercises. However, most diet planners only give out the plan and don’t explain the finer details further.

Limited Food Choice

With diet plans, the choice of food is limited often to food that isn’t always easy to get.

Expensive to Maintain

When it comes to the cost of living, you’ll find it hard to maintain a diet plan. A lot of money is spent on diet planners. Like most paid-for services, once you’ve achieved your aim, you have no importance to the company unless there’s more money involved. I recommend the use of supplements instead. If you feel like getting your money’s worth, https://steroidsfax.org is a helpful site for finding such products. The amount spent on buying diet-plan meals is definitely higher than what you’ll pay here.


If you are the type that gives up quickly, then there’s no need to even attempt a diet plan. Contrary to working out, cheating on your diet plan is easy. Your diet coach is unlikely to be around every second to control what you eat.

Lack of Support

Once you pick up a habit, you can only maintain it if you have the motivation. It’s hard to find friends supporting each other in preserving meal plans. On the other hand, it’s likely your friends will join you in a workout routine even just for the fun of it.


The constant process of monitoring what, when and how you eat can become tiresome. New habits take time to adapt to. This can get mentally overwhelming because your brain is also trying to change.


If you love food as much as I do, and still want a good body, there are many other options to try. As long as you maintain a practical workout routine and keep an eye on your calories, you don’t need a change in your diet. Eat what makes you happy. Your happiness is the most important thing!

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