So Called ‘Friends of Syria’ Recognize ‘Rebels’ As Official Government

A coalition of anti-Assad nations have declared the “Syrian Rebels” the de-facto Government of Syria, during a meeting in Morocco today.

The so called “Friends of Syria”, made up of both Western and Arab states will now only recognize the opposition as having political authority, excluding President Bashar al-Assad and all members of his Government from legitimately taking part in any form of transitional dialogue. The only option presented by the group is for Assad to step aside and face international criminal proceedings.

“Participants acknowledge the National Coalition as the legitimate representative of the Syrian people and the umbrella organisation under which the Syrian opposition are gathering,” said a draft declaration of the Marrakech, Morocco meeting obtained by Reuters.

“Bashar al-Assad has lost legitimacy and should stand aside to allow a sustainable political transition,” continued the report.

The Friends of Syria is made up of 84 countries, endorsed by the United Nations, European Union and Arab League, and is officially observed by the Vatican. This latest announcement follows France, Britain and Turkey, who have already granted de-facto Government status to the rebels, and the United States who made their own announcement just hours before the meeting.

Russia, Iran and China have not pledged support for the Friends of Syria, taking the stance that the conflict is a civil war with atrocities committed by both sides and significant civilian supporters on both sides. Russia in particular argues that choosing one side of the conflict is essentially supporting the massacring of the other. Solely recognizing the rebels is “unacceptable,” said Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov [1].

“The United States has decided to place all its bets on an armed victory of the (Syrian) National Coalition,” [instead of seeking an] “inter-Syrian dialogue”.

Assad has always claimed that violence was being committed by terrorists, but cynical Westerners (who are no doubt sick of their own Governments using the terrorism card) have decided without evidence either way, that Assad must be lying. However it is now widely acknowledged by the United States [2], Britain [3] and other Western Governments that the ranks of the Syrian rebels are made up of Sunni Islamic Extremists, including Al Qaeda and other groups. This then becomes very problematic for the Western sanctioned version of events.

In officially recognizing the rebels, they are in fact directly supporting the very terrorists they claim to be fighting in other parts of the world.

While talking heads in the mainstream media try to brush this double-think aside, by claiming the CIA are on the borders ensuring weapons reach the right hands [4], the admission that the CIA are on the borders completely nullifies the myth that the “Friends of Syria” countries have not yet decided to arm the rebels. Furthermore the idea that they can stop weapons reaching the terrorists is nonsensical, unless the CIA are actually deeply rooted within the country, which leads to its own criticisms.

In an attempt at window-dressing their involvement, the United States have in fact revealed their hypocrisies and complicity in fomenting the bloodshed. They are as morally guilty of war crimes as anyone else inside Syria and certainly aren’t the “friends” of anyone.

Syria is headed in the same direction as Libya, to be fragmented and ruled by factions of armed fundamentalist nut-jobs, far-cry from the democratic revolution envisaged by left-wing war enablers.

If Assad is a gambling man his best bet would be to flee to South America and count himself another victim of the Empire.

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