Big Sister Gets Her Snooper’s Charter: UK Becomes Most Spied On Democracy

Big Sister Theresa May

Snoopers Charter – the name given to the Investigatory Powers Bill that is about to make the UK the most spied on democracy in the world and which China pointed to as an example when formulating their own internet spying program.

All of your internet history will be stored for 12 months, making you a suspect before any crime is actually suspected. Your device and social media accounts can be hacked by the authorities following a “warrant” or swallowed in a “bulk hacking” if they want to find a single piece of information. And if they can’t do it themselves, device makers and social network owners must help grant them access, breaking all consumer privacy agreements.

With a government that has lost data in the past and preached about cyber terrorism, does this make us safer or more vulnerable? And when the MI5’s of the world have been spying on the quiet for years and doing very shady things with their intelligence, what is the real agenda at hand?

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