Remember The 7/7 London Bombings? Remember The Jaguar?

Unlike previous years the media have been relatively quiet this morning about the anniversary of the 7/7 London Bombings. Some coverage has focused on the ever expanding phone hacking scandal which now involves July 7 victim family members, but gone are the regular emotional reports about evil Muslim suicide bombers and how they attacked us on this day in 2005. With the inquest over, the tragedy may as well be forgotten.

However we don’t like to forget here at WideShut, because beyond the sensational mainstream rhetoric, exists a dark underbelly of unreported information. Ask an average person what they remember about 7/7 and they’ll probably say that’s when the Terrorists or Al Qaeda attacked us. But there are lots of other things we could and should remember about that day.

A lot of these will be covered tonight on Sky Channel 201, continued tomorrow on channel 203, when WideShut film 7/7 The Big Picture will see it’s broadcast debut. Contradictions in the official narrative, the involvement of intelligence assets, a history of governments working with Islamic extremists, are all topics never touched by the mainstream in their yearly remembrance pieces, but will be covered in-depth tonight at 10pm. One thing that has never seen the light of day is the case of the mysterious Jaguar.

On the morning of the attacks, when CCTV captured alleged bomber Germaine Lindsay in the car park at Luton station we also see a mysterious Jaguar parked next to a grassy verge, further down from his vehicle. The arrival of the Jaguar was conspicuously cut from the footage; it simply pops in to view some 80+ seconds later.

Jaguar at Luton station car park from J7 Truth Campaign on Vimeo.

As the other 3 alleged bombers arrive in a blue Nissan Micra, the Jaguar does a U-Turn and approaches them, but once again the CCTV has been cut and we see no more of the Jaguar. Were there any interactions between them? We don’t know.

At face value this doesn’t necessarily mean anything, authorities may have just cut the CCTV to speed it along so we can focus on the actions of the alleged bombers. The Jaguar may have just been driving around at the same time.

However things get a lot more suspicious when we review the CCTV from 9 days earlier when we’re told 3 of the bombers were doing a practice run of their journey. Again they can be seen pulling in to Luton Station car park. And low on behold we see the same mysterious Jaguar, next to the same grassy verge.

It is of course possible that this is a coincidence and the Jaguar is just a regular commuter, but it’s one heck of a coincidence when you realize the “dummy run” was at around 8am, whereas on 7/7 the CCTV caught them at about 6:52am. This is an hour’s difference give or take. If the Jaguar was a regular commuter it would be more likely that it would be there at the same time every day, not at random times coinciding with the alleged bombers.

The vehicle is never parked in a parking space, it’s pulled up next to a verge. A reasonable explanation would be that whoever was inside was waiting for somebody. Was this person waiting for the bombers on both occasions? Were they involved or surveilling them?

Pairing this anomaly with reports of a Mastermind (Haroon Rashid Aswat) or stories of a 5th bomber, things get a lot more confusing. Suffice to say, the Inquest never took any of this in to account and the owner of the Jaguar has never been sought by police for questioning or at least to give an account of what he saw. After all it definitely drove passed the bombers on July 7th.

For further analysis check out the J7Truth blog and Tom Secker’s appearance on Edge Media TV

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