Paramilitary Security Spotted At Boston Bombings: Innocent, Perpetrators or Disinfo?

UPDATE: Mystery ‘Military’ Men At Boston Bombing Identified As WMD Taskforce: Prior Knowledge A Possibility

Boston Bombings Navy SealsQuestions have been raised over the past 24 hours about the identity of several uniformed men dressed in paramilitary style clothing during the Boston Marathon. They resemble members of organizations, ranging from Navy Seal teams to private security firm Craft, but so far there is no official explanation as to who they are or why they were there.

Could they have been part of a security team watching over the event? (Photos show them interacting with the National Guard and Civil Support teams following the explosions).

Suspicions peaked after the 4chan ThinkTank online community drew focus to the men’s bulky black rucksacks, the same color as shredded material the FBI believes to have been involved in the bombings; likely the bags used to carry and hide the devices.

Of course if you rounded up every single person at the event and counted the black rucksacks there would probably be quite a lot, and we should be careful not to play the finger pointing game without further information. However the intrigue is particularly high surrounding these men because of the way they are dressed and where at least one of them was located during one of the blasts.

Is that an earphone for music in the photo above or the ear-piece of security personnel?

The PunisherThe logo on the hat in the image below gives us a clue about who this group could potentially be. Some will recognize it as the skull logo from Marvel’s the Punisher, although it has also been adopted by Navy Seal teams and private security firms like the re-branded Blackwater, who controversially operated in Iraq.

Chris Kyle CraftAnthony Gucciardi of notes that the logo is also currently in use by Craft International a private security company that was previously operated by Chris “the most lethal sniper in American military history” Kyle, who made headlines earlier this year when he was shot dead at a Texas shooting range by a veteran suffering from PTSD. Craft provides military, law-enforcement, and civilian training, as well as private security and protection.

Here is Chris Kyle wearing the Craft uniform, which matches the individuals photographed above.

Considering Craft’s stated mandate it is possible that they were simply running or aiding the police in some kind of security operation. At such a high profile event at a time where the security state is ever-increasing, it is not that odd that this could have been going on. That being said we shouldn’t rule out something more sinister.

Take the most interesting image of the bunch. In the immediate aftermath of one of the blasts, a man in the familiar garb is shielded in a doorway feet from the explosion. If he was just doing a security job he’s going to be kicking himself that he came so close to the bomber or device.

While websites like Alex Jones’ InfoWars have unsurprisingly jumped to the conclusion that this is absolute Proof that the Boston Marathon Bombing is False Flag Cover-Up, all it really proves at this stage is that a few people that look like Craft personnel were present before the explosion, with at least one in the direct vicinity of a blast. It should be noted however that his bag is with him, so it wasn’t the one causing the explosion. Photos before the blast do not seem to show him dropping a bag or anything of that nature. We could speculate he was detonating the explosion from his doorway, but that road of thinking is long and never-ending without further evidence or context.

If you’re tempted to go along with the InfoWars narrative, stop and ask yourself this. If you were taking part in a secret false flag bombing would you openly parade around in your uniform or announce that a drill with bomb sniffing dogs was taking place, as one eye witness has claimed? Or would you try and blend in and remain as low-key as possible?

This brings up three possibilities…

1) CSTs, Craft or a similar group were present and were taking part in standard security operations, regardless of possible false flags, drills, prior knowledge or whatever else we want to speculate about at this early stage.

2) CSTs, Craft or a similar group were tipped off and were there on the look-out for suspects and devices.

3) Somebody somewhere wants you to think Craft or a similar group were involved in a false flag, whether as a false flag of their own or a disinformation campaign.

Until more information becomes available it is still too early to make a firm judgment; wild speculation only clouds real information.

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