In Defence of Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn Bin laden

At 25 years old I have never voted in any of the general elections I’ve been eligible to, and as each year progresses I’ve become even more disillusioned with mainstream politics. While I don’t think Jeremy Corbyn is some grand saviour (he still seems to be stuck in the no cuts mentality without really proposing a solution), he does tick the boxes in terms of war and foreign policy, not least because he’s not afraid to question the War on Terror narrative. The establishment’s response to Corbyn also demonstrates that they view him as a threat to the status quo, which can only be seen as a good thing.

So in light of this my first 3 blog posts for the Political Lore website have been in defence of Jeremy Corbyn. You can check them out below:

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USA vs Russia: One Man’s Collateral Damage Is Another’s Murder

Jeremy Corbyn is NOT a 9/11 Truther but he DOES make a point

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