How to Lift Heavy Objects Carefully

Unless it’s done safely, lifting heavy loads can be dangerous. It’s so important to learn the correct method for lifting and handling a heavy object carefully, so you can prevent injury and avoid back pain. Follow these simple steps to learn safe techniques, so you don’t risk your health and lighten the load. 


Plan the Lift First

Have a plan for what you are about to lift. Do a test run, ask for help and remove obstacles between the place you are going to be lifting and placing down the object. To start with, have a good stance and keep your feet shoulder width apart for balance. Then try picking up one corner of the object to get an idea of how heavy it is. From here, you can determine whether you can lift it yourself, or whether you need to enlist help from someone else.

The Express has outlined three ways you can prevent developing back pain at work. Ensure you don’t sit at your desk for too long and live a sedentary lifestyle. Have a stable workstation and lift heavy loads properly. It outlines the ways you can avoid back pain and make your workplace as safe as possible. 


Keep Your Back Straight

Firstly, ensure you have a wide base of support, and keep your feet shoulder width apart. Then when you are ready to lift the object, squat as close as you can to it, and bend your hips and knees. Don’t be tempted to lean forward as you lift upwards, have good posture and keep your back straight as you lift the object up. Look straight ahead, with your shoulders back and don’t forget to breathe. 

Make sure the load is close to your body too, it should help you lift the load with ease. Avoid bending, twisting or turning your back or leaning sideways, especially while your back is bent. Move smoothly whilst holding the object to ensure you stay in control and decrease your risk of injury. 

When you are nearing the finishing line, don’t just drop the object. Lower the load with the same care and precision with which you lifted it. Squat and set the object down with a straight back too. Nobody wants to have an accident, especially in the workplace. Luckily, there are plenty of companies like the compensation experts you can contact, if the unthinkable does happen.


Use Equipment

If you are lifting a heavy item on your own, see if you can use an aid, like a moving dolly to help. Moving dollies are amazing if you need to move heavy, large and awkward objects on your own across a flat surface. Using a moving dolly is easy, you simply put the lip underneath the object, strap into place so it doesn’t fall off and tip backwards towards you to lift the object. Lifting a heavy object without due care can cause short and long-term back issues, so follow these handy tips to make the job safer for you and those around you. 

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