How to get rid of rats in your home

Realising that you have a colony of rats in your home might be stressful, unpleasant, and genuinely bothersome. Those large rodents can damage your belongings and scare you during the night, but most of all: they can also spread different hazardous diseases.

Spotting damaged food, repulsive odour, rat droppings, little footprints, and smears near the walls will help you quickly conclude: you have some undesired visitors sneaking around.

What to do then? Here is our shortlist of fundamental steps you should take immediately.

Seal any holes and breaks around your home

The list of gaps that could be a potential entry point for rats will probably make you shiver.

These are wall and ceiling breaks, damaged drains and pipes, broken roof tiles, tree branches near an open window, just to begin with. 

So, your first task would be a thorough inspection of your property, followed by some urgent little repairs. All gaps and holes need to be adequately sealed with cement, wire wool, caulk, or metal kick plates: whatever suits your taste.

Regular home maintenance prophylaxis will help you spot pain points before they could turn into a potential threat, so do not neglect that annual responsibility of yours. 

Organise and cleanse

If your space is currently a mess, we have two bad news for you. First of all, rats genuinely enjoy domestic clutter and feel very happy to explore it. Second of all: it will probably stand in your way and give you a hard time dealing with the rat infestation. 

What you need to do is organise and guarantee perfect hygiene. Moving objects away from the walls is also a good idea, as it will help you discover the potential hiding places and routes of the rodents. 

After you clean up and sanitise your place, make sure you’re keeping garbage bins properly sealed and food stocks away from open spaces such as tables and kitchen counters.

Reduce likely food sources

Put shortly – rats won’t be happy to hang around if you leave them starving. How to do that?

First of all, always store your cooked meals in the refrigerator and don’t leave them unattended during the night. 

Second: keep packed foods in tightly sealed containers inside the kitchen cupboards. Metal boxes would be a perfect choice until you make sure your home is rodent-free.

And finally: always swipe away leftovers from the floor, no matter how negligible they seem to you. A tiny bread crumb is just enough to make the intruders keep coming back for more. 

Seek professional assistance

You should know how to pick your battles and not hesitate to book a professional rat control visit if you feel unable to cope with the situation.

Rat infestation is not a joke, as those rodents can bring along nasty infectious diseases and put yourself and your family at risk that’s not worth taking. 

Calling a licensed pest control Enfield will help you cope with the issue in no time – adeptly, safely, and in a manner tailored to your case. Because you’re not supposed to deal with everything alone, especially when your domestic comfort is concerned. 

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