How to choose the right wholesale jewellery for your business

Well, suppliers are essential to any type of business you choose to have.  Without the goods and the materials to work with, it is actually impossible to complete your daily activities in any kind of business. So, it is really important to choose a supplier that ensures all the stuff you need in a timely manner, at the right price and of course, the best quality.

In order to find the perfect supplier for your business you need to consider some “mandatory” sets of criteria, regarding the minimum and maximum quantities of the goods that are available, options and costs of the transportation, return policies, payment options and so on.

Considering the fact that the role of the accessories in a stunning look is vital, a jewellery business is definitely a great option. Jewellery accessories make anyone look brighter, sexier and more stylish and in addition, they help you express your personality, your lifestyle and character.

Over time, jewelry has had different meanings. Depending on how long it has been created and worn, 100.000 years ago, humans adorned themselves with cute seashells. The oldest jewellery  is a necklace that has four perforated shells and was founded into an archeological site in Algeria.

Long time ago in the stone epoch, the jewelry was made out of pearls, seashells, bones, animal teeth, and they became more sophisticated in the bronze epoch – when the metals were discovered.

Being a symbol of social status for the wearer, a quintessence for health, faith and so on, slowly, the medieval jewelry has become really valuable. So, since ancient times, jewelry has been the most valuable accessory and remained this way to this day. This is a trend that never dies. All you have to do is to choose the right wholesale jewellery and you are good to go.

How? The first step is to do some research. You need to find some wholesale suppliers and create a list. Depending on the advantages they offer you, you can prioritize them and figure out which one is the most suitable for your business, preferable is to choose a single one.  For instance, working with Jewellery World Ltd. from Manchester – UK, you no longer have to keep in touch with multiple wholesale jewellery suppliers because they have a good offer and best prices. Buying everything from just one place has lots of advantages.

Another important criterion in choosing the right wholesale supplier is to check the reviews so you can learn from other company experiences. Find as many as information you can and read all the available reviews and take an objective conclusion after reading them all.

Check the company background and payment terms because is good to know from the start. Usually, the goods acquisitions are paid in advance so, in order to avoid scams, you need to know if the company exists, if it is not bankrupt or whatever.

Delivery methods are also really important because their cost and time of delivery.  Normally, the transport cost is included into the final price of your product for your customers so, in order to have a higher profit to each piece you sell, you need to choose the best option for delivery as well. Since we are talking about valuable jewellery, the shipping must be also safe so perhaps, considering an additional assurance would be a good way to ensure the goods.

Establish the quantity you need for each piece you want before you look for a supplier because with that in mind, you can select them for real. Most of the wholesale suppliers has a minimum quantity already set in order to make things easier and profitable for both parts. While the maximum quantities have the best discounts, some quantities under the minimum order usually have no discounts or will not be accepted at all.

Another important criterion is the return policy – quality assurance of every piece they sell.  Some products come with factory defects so if that happens, you need to be able to send them back and either get your money back for every broken piece, either have them replaced.

Invest a little time for everything and you will realize that it is not really hard to find a good and very profitable wholesale jewellery supplier if you have in mind all the things above.





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