How to Become a Personal Trainer for Celebs

A physical trainer is much more than just a fit individual with a decent knowledge about fitness, imparting bro-science in the gym. A fitness trainer is a qualified and certified professional, who has deep theoretical and practical knowledge about everything related to his/her specific field of expertise, along with a general understanding of health and fitness overall.

The “Average” Fitness Trainer Vs. the Celebrity Fitness Trainer

Is the average celebrity fitness trainer any different from the regular fitness experts at your local gym? Well, theoretically, there doesn’t have to be a difference, except the fact that the latter probably is better at what they do than the former. There’s also the question of opportunity, as well as an actual understanding of the steps necessary to get there. Not everyone receives the same opportunities, nor does every fitness trainer know how to maximise such opportunities, even if they come across one.

If you happen to be a physical trainer yourself already, or in case you are considering a career path as a celeb trainer, go through the article as we discuss some useful information regarding the path that leads there.

Complete Your Certification

If you are already connected to the world of PT, then you know that there are various levels of training involved here. In order to be eligible for better paying, high-reward jobs such as serving celebrities as their personal trainer, you will need to complete your Level 3 and preferably, a consequent, Level 4 Personal Training qualification.

Check out this Funded PT Course from OriGym, which essentially allows fitness professionals to complete their Level 3 Training in roughly two weeks! They also have the Level 4 training for PTs to complete after that, if they wish to do so.

In every field of work, the more qualified you are to do something, the more opportunities open up automatically. If you wish to be a celebrity trainer, you should at least have a powerful resume to begin with, because hundreds of people are probably competing for the same opportunities.

Experience and Networking

In comparison to most other fields of work, physical trainers can actually communicate and create the right networks with comparative ease.

Firstly, they don’t really have to go anywhere for the most part, as the clients come to them. Some of those clients might be connected to the glamour world where you want to go, and it isn’t uncommon either to find the celebrities themselves in one of the gyms where you work as a fitness consultant and trainer.

The more experience you gain in the field, the more people you get to know, as it’s a part of the job itself. Utilise your growing acquaintances to create a network, which will let you know when an opportunity presents itself. If you can manage to build a good rapport and create a proper professional impression on particularly important people, you may even get the call directly from them.

Attend Events

Remember how we mentioned that physical trainers do not usually need to go far to create networks? Well, that’s true for the most part!

Although most of the contacts will be created in the gym initially, do not forego fitness events, especially the popular ones. Get the guest list for each event and see if any of your target professionals, idols, celebrities, etc. are attending it.

Even in general, fitness expos are awesome places for physical trainers, fitness models, bodybuilders and various other professional health experts and athletes to meet, network with each other, and find clients. You may find a new idea, some priceless tips, and maybe even a business partner if you are lucky!

Create a Reputation

Creating a reputation as a physical trainer involves multiple steps, but most importantly of course, it requires producing results with the people you are working with right now. The better they are able to achieve their own fitness goals with your help, the closer you will get to creating your personal celebrity status as a physical trainer. Besides, thanks to YouTube and digital marketing, it’s not as hard as it used to be once.

The difference between a regular personal trainer, and a potential celebrity personal trainer is mostly in how qualified and dedicated they are to their jobs, as well as to their goal. Continue to educate yourself with higher physical education training and produce results with your current clientele; every little detail in between the steps that we mentioned will begin to present themselves automatically.

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