How to access any shows online?

There are more than 139 million subscribers of Netflix. The service is available in over 190 countries; however, due to the government restrictions, it’s not available in China, Syria, North Korea, and China. You may be a subscriber of a package of Netflix but may face complications if you are traveling to the country where Netflix and other services are blocked.

Not only if the site is locked, but the method can also be promising even if the content is not available in the specified location. Let’s explain with an example. Suppose you moved to the Netherlands from your home location, for instance, the US. Every content that is available in the US may not be in the site’s library in the Netherlands as Netflix looks for your IP address before providing access to the site.


Accessing Netflix or blocked sites

VPN (Virtual Private Network) stands out to be the most straightforward and expeditious method to browse the blocked content by changing the IP address or hiding the original location by faking it to the desired one. There are many options for choosing the VPN, and you need to look for the criteria that make the VPN the best one to choose from. 


Features of a good VPN

  1. Supported platforms- A massive number of platforms tend to a better option.
  2. Number of servers worldwide- If there is a considerable number of servers worldwide, you will get more prospects to choose the location.
  3. Encryption and privacy- You need the most solid encryption for making reliable online transactions or other security purposes and privacy statement by the VPN provider.
  4. Speed and reliability- Always inspect the reviews regarding the speed and the server downtimes before buying the subscription of any VPN.
  5. IP Address- A static IP address is highly recommended, so choose the VPN provider which provides static IP.
  6. Customer support and pricing- The best VPN has remarkable online help with the most commendatory pricing for the packages.


Best VPNs for accessing blocked services

Here are the three best VPNs available currently for the pleasantest experience.

1) ExpressVPN

It has the fastest speed among all other VPNs available. The support is praiseworthy for professionalism, and it’s straightforward to access Netflix by changing the location using more than 2000 servers available. The cons are a bit higher pricing and the possibility of only three connections at the same time. The VPN has a zero-log policy so that you can trust the provider for privacy.

2) NordVPN

With a vast number of servers that count to more than 5000, NordVPN provides one of the best services with a zero-log policy. NordVPN supports Netflix and all other popular sites. Also, six connections are possible at the same time. The major con of the VPN is that you cannot use it on Linux. So, for Netflix NordVPN is one of the best choices available.

3) VyprVPN

It has faster speed and allows up to five connections at a time. A secure protocol called Chameleon protocol is implemented, and there are more than 700 servers. The primary cons are a bit high price and collection of logs from the user.


Therefore, for Netflix NordVPN is highly recommended due to fast, secure service and excellent service. Express VPN is also great if you feel the pricing fits you.

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