Halloween in the UK

In the USA, it is fair to say that Halloween is a big deal. It has become a highly commercialised event with gimmicks galore.

For years, the UK has celebrated Guy Fawkes Night with the same amount of enthusiasm as Americans have for the 31st October. Firework displays go on for weeks, sparklers sell out within days and toffee apples are eaten in abundance. Yet whilst all of these traditions will carry on with yearly excitement and celebrations, Halloween in the UK is definitely catching up. Other countries are also catching up with the Halloween hype, even when, according to Online Casino Betway, they appear to have their own peculiar traditions taking place throughout the year as is illustrated below:

Commercialisation has perhaps been a major contributing factor to this, jumping on the band wagon of the success in America. It is working.

September. Summer ends. Schools go back…and the Halloween preparations begin. The pumpkins are almost ready to be picked, sweets are bought in bulk, and the costumes are made. With activities for children and adults, the enjoyment is endless. There is no wonder the UK is now in love with the ‘orange’ festival – it has fun and entertainment for all ages!

But with the country under restrictions due to Covid-19, Halloween may be different for some places this year. Here are 10 activities you can enjoy across this spooky seasonal event.

1) Pumpkin Picking – almost every outdoor activity venue has pumpkin picking on offer. Put on your wellies and go find the biggest one possible to take home!

2) The fun doesn’t stop there – then you get to carve the pumpkin and put it on display for everyone to see as they walk on by. Whatever the weather, this can be enjoyed by all the family.

3) Trick or Treat – the most famous activity when it comes to Halloween and many UK towns and villages have found nifty ways to ensure this is fun for all. For example, if there is a pumpkin outside your house, or a ghost sticker on the door, or a token Halloween decoration, then the children know it is ok to go and trick or treat. No longer do adults have to sit in the dark to hide from the continuous knocks on the door!

4) You can’t trick or treat without a fancy dress outfit! That’s a big part of the fun of Halloween – finding or making a scary costume – whatever your age! No lockdown can stop fancy dress fun!

5) Scarefests – whilst Halloween is predominantly about the younger generation, these scary evenings and zombie walks have become incredibly popular…. if you don’t mind being made to jump or scream for a few hours in the dark! Although many won’t be running this year due to the pandemic, put this on your Halloween bucket list for another year. You won’t be disappointed – just short of breath!

6) Skeleton Trails – an outdoor adventure for the younger ones. Many towns and villages have made skeleton or ghosts trails throughout their communities for families with younger children to enjoy. Some places such as Lotherton Hall have even transformed the traditional scarecrow hunts and festivals into ones for spooky skeletons. Get given an activity sheet and some spooky characters to find and off you go. Socially distanced, outdoors and lots of fun!

7) Halloween Funfairs – granted, this might depend what tier you are in, or where you live, but there is no denying that an old school fun fair is a hoot. Haunted houses, ghost rides, waltzers, hook a ghoul and lots of yummy Halloween treats. A fun way to spend the weekend whatever your age. Just pop your mask on and away you go!

8) Pumpkin recipes – let’s be honest, we are all unsure of what to do with the inside of a pumpkin once we have carved it out. Whip up some pumpkin soup, a pie or a delicious spicy pumpkin curry. Yum and healthy too!

9) Halloween Treats – Not a fan of cooking, how about some scrummy Halloween goodies. Get the whole family involved as you bake spider pizzas, monster cookies, ghosty cupcakes or even some scary Halloween jelly. Fun for all as you get to eat it all after!

10) Halloween at Home – what to do with all the treats you have baked, or the costumes you have made? Kids to entertain but Covid has stopped your regular Halloween activities? Throw your own party and trick or treat around the house. Apple bobbing, pin the hat on the witch, find the snake in the flour and all those traditional party games finally have their place! Make a treasure hunt around the house with clues and get the kids to trick or treat on the different rooms in the house. Hours of fun, if you don’t mind a bit of mess.

Whatever your tier, or even if you are self-isolating, Halloween fun in the UK can continue!

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