Fun Things Lasers Can Do

You may think that laser pointers are tools that you can only use for a single purpose, but there are many fun and cool things you can use them for. They can be used for casual or professional purposes, depending on your need. In this article, we will be discussing some fun things lasers can do. Let’s get started.

One of the most common uses of lasers is during presentations. They are used to highlight information on the screen to follow what is being presented. This allows the presenter to maintain a professional stance without having to touch the screen. And the good thing is that lasers are small, easy to carry, completely safe for indoor use and relatively affordable.

You can also use lasers to entertain your pets. Animals with predatory senses such as cats feel the need to stalk and chase laser pointers as if hunting something. This is because the laser pointers’ movement mimics that of prey out in the wild, thus making it fun for both you and your pet.

Cut Metals with Lasers

Another cool thing you can use laser pointers for is to cut through steel plates. These are high power capacity CO2 lasers that function based on the concept of compressed gas technology. You can check out GF Laser for precision metal laser cutting services. With high power capacity lasers, you can cut through different metals such as aluminium and stainless steel.

Powerful laser pointers can also be used to start fires easily. This makes them handy, especially if you are going camping without your fire starter. To use laser pointers to start a fire, you must first find the laser’s focal point. Then place a stick or material that can catch fire under the beam, and it should start smoking within a few seconds.

Lasers Used in Photography, Astronomy and Science

With laser pointers, you can also give cool effects to photographs as you capture them. All you need to do is turn on your camera’s long exposure settings and move the laser pointer around. This is called light painting, and you will see the long exposure capture will capture different effects and graphics.

  • You can use multiple coloured laser pointers to add more effects
  • You can put the laser pointers on different backgrounds to make your photos stand out

Laser pointers can also be used for astronomy purposes. They can be used to highlight constellations, moons, stars, and distant planets, thus making stargazing even more fun. However, you should be aware that the regular laser pointers used in presentations are not powerful for star pointing. So, you will need a laser pointer that can reach far enough into the sky.

Laser pointers can also be used to see some microscopic organisms. To do this, you’ll need a wooden rod, some water and a laser pointer. Wet the rod with a droplet hanging at the edge. Then prop it in front of a plain wall and let the laser pointer shine through the droplet. The microscopic organisms in the droplet will be projected to the wall.

So far, we’ve discussed fun things you can use lasers to do. Remember that there are different kinds of pointers so you should check the one you have to know if appropriate for what you plan to use it for. If you are using high power lasers, do not forget to be extra careful!

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