Former Police Intelligence Analyst Sacked For Calling 7/7 A Monstrous Lie

UPDATE: I do not necessarily support all of the theories or conclusions made by Tony Farrell in this interview or in the months and years that followed. I advise readers and listeners to watch my film 7/7 What Did They Know and listen to my podcasts with Tom Secker to get a well informed perspective on the London Bombings case.


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A former police intelligence analyst has gone public with his views that the official story July 7 London Bombings is a “monstrous lie,” and the attacks were “perpetrated by our own intelligence agencies, with clear government complicity”, unsurprisingly causing his career to take a sudden downturn.

Tony Farrell used to be the Principal Intelligence Analyst of South Yorkshire Police … that was until he stumbled upon online research that suggests we were lied to about 7/7 and the 9/11 attacks in the US.

“Last September I was dismissed after 17 years service because of my incompatible beliefs,” Mr. Farrell told WideShut.

In July 2010 Tony began to discover alternative information about the 9/11 attacks on the internet and came to the conclusion that there must have been government complicity. Not clear on how to move forward, he shared his conclusion with a Church minister, who prompted him to take a look in to the July 7, London Bombings as well. After analysing the official government narrative alongside other independent research he concluded that the official 7/7 story was also suspicious.

Because he no longer believed the official theory of the “war on terror”, when tasked with his yearly “strategic threat assessment” by South Yorkshire police he decided to do things a little differently.

“Basically because I did not believe the official versions of the attacks of 9/11 and 7/7, I refused to be perpetuate the lies in my assignment”, part of which included the threat of home grown Islamic extremists, those deemed solely responsible for the 7/7 attacks.

Instead on July 8th, 2010, Mr. Farrell handed in his assessment, this year claiming the biggest threat to society wasn’t Islamic terrorists, but “state sponsored terrorism.”

“This stance led to my dismissal,” he explained.

Farrell was dismissed without any allegations of misconduct, rather a statement that his views were incompatible with the rest of the team.

The Director of Finance said:
“It is a very sad occasion as you have done some excellent work for South Yorkshire Police and I have never been involved in a situation like today. Your beliefs are very sincere and you may be right, but it is I’m afraid incompatible at the moment with where we are.” [1]

Mr. Farrell has appealed the dismissal and the final hearings of the Tribunal will be heard in early September 2011.

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