Different Ways to Fund a Once in a Lifetime Luxury Holiday

When you want to get away from all the drama of living in the UK and relax your brain, then a luxury holiday is just what the doctor ordered. But the bigger question is how to afford such a decadent pleasure for a week or two without causing your bank manager’s heart to skip a beat? In this article, we explore different ways to find the cash or credit to pay for a luxury holiday. 

No Guarantor Loans

A no guarantor loan is a bit like a personal loan but often for smaller amounts and usually only lent over a few months up to a maximum of twelve. This is good news because they’re a little pricey on the interest side of things, but if you can repay in just a few months, it won’t be too bad.

The important point is to treat yourself to something. These arrangements make it possible to do so and pay the money back soon after the trip instead of waiting longer before flying out. If you’re interested in a short-term loan to fund a holiday, then try the team at LoanPig (https://www.loanpig.co.uk/). As long as you qualify, they’ll sort you out. 

Loan from a Friend

A loan from a friend is a common way to rustle up some extra moola before going away. While it probably won’t be in time to pay for the holiday package itself, you’ve got a reasonable argument when needing some holiday spending money. This way, they won’t feel like they’re funding your entire trip which could leave a sour taste in their mouth. 

Do consider whether your friend might want to invite themselves along though. That might or might not be desirable depending on their tastes and whether you can hang out with them for two weeks without a problem. 

Offer to repay them quickly and add some interest on top. They may refuse it, but it’s always good to offer and let them decide what seems fair to them. If you suggest the amount, they may have expected more which may cause resentment. Also, make sure to repay on time as no friend wants to have to chase up a repayment repeatedly. 

Bank Overdraft

If you already have a bank overdraft and you’re maxed out or there’s no facility set up, you could always contact your bank to ask for an upgrade. Agreed overdrafts are far better than ones that happen “accidentally” because the interest rate is lower, and they don’t put your account in question while you’re away. 

Usually, overdrafts are only offered to people who keep their accounts in balance and don’t miss payments. If you’re barely hanging on to your bank account, then it’s unlikely your bank will play ball when asked. 

There are at least a few ways to get some money together for a luxury holiday. Just make sure that you ask for enough, so you don’t have to request more before flying out or whilst you’re away.

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