Diamonds can be artificial!

Diamond is known as the “King of Gems” and is recognized as the most precious gem in the world. The composition of diamonds is 99.95% pure carbon, and its formation requires a long historical process. Most of the diamonds are mainly formed in the two periods of 3.3 billion years ago and 1.2-1.7 billion years ago, hen they crystallized into precious diamonds (colorless) under high temperature, extremely high pressure and a reductive environment (an anoxic environment). Diamonds are very rare in nature and extremely difficult to mine. It takes an average of 250 tons of ore to produce a 1-carat diamond embryo, which is extremely valuable promise rings for her.

The researchers used a natural diamond as a “seed” in a vacuum environment, injecting methane and hydrogen heated to 3000 degrees Celsius into the release of carbon atoms, and the separated carbon ash adhered to the diamond, and these attached carbon atom replicate the crystal structure of the original diamond custom name necklace, which grows at a rate of 0.006 mm per hour.
That’s faster than natural diamonds take millions of years to form, and researchers have shown that “this artificial diamond is purer than anything in nature.” At present, artificial diamonds are 15% to 20% cheaper than natural diamonds! But it is not as cheap as some people think, because artificial diamonds yin yang necklace require high temperature, high pressure and oxygen-deficient environments, and the cost of synthesis is also very high. However, the invention is more significant because it can avoid the harm to the natural environment caused by diamond mining.

Recycling Precautions

In the process of recycling diamond necklaces for girlfriend jewelry, weight is an important point to measure the value of diamonds. If you choose a formal business with good reputation, these problems will not exist. Therefore, it is very important to choose a good merchant to avoid the problem of lighter diamond jewelry recycling. Generally, diamond rings are used when you are married. It is important to know that the carats are more valuable, so the larger the diamond ring is, the better.

First, the wedding ring will be with you for the rest of your life, so as not to be childish when you grow older you must choose the classic style. The simple wedding ring is noble.
Second, round diamonds show relatively bigger. The loose diamond of same weight, round diamond vision should appear bigger than other shape infinity bracelet. It is also the most popular shape and the most cost effective.

Third, the single large diamond is the most valuable. If the economy permits, it is recommended to choose a single large diamond. Diamonds above 1 carat are worth a lot and are the best value.
Fourth, the ring setting is best with 18K. The diamond ring is usually set with a white metal ring to bring out the light of the diamond fingerprint jewelry. Among them, 18K is the strongest. It has strong hardness and ensures the firmness of large-grain diamonds.

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