Boston Bombing Doorway Man Identified

A man photographed in a doorway near the first explosion at the Boston Marathon is not a member of the National Guard CST WMD taskforce who were in and around the area at the time, and is not in any way suspected of being involved in the bombing.

His clothing resembled that of the unit due to the color of his trousers and his black rucksack, however keens eyes spotted him in a second photograph which shows the trousers to be a different shade, his jacket is blue rather than black, and he does not have the same tanned boots. He can be seen taking photographs near the finish line before the explosion.

Suspicions still remain about the presence of the CST unit, who appear to have been present in the vicinity of the first explosion, but were not harmed in the blast and made it to the road unscathed to phone in backup.

With a drill involving bomb sniffing dogs early that morning at the start line and the presence of a Weapons of Mass Destruction advisory team so close to where the first explosion took place, it’s wondered whether there wasn’t some specific intelligence of a threat before the event, that has been downplayed after the fact.

This is explored in the following article: Mystery ‘Military’ Men At Boston Bombing Identified As WMD Taskforce: Prior Knowledge A Possibility

“Barry” contributed to this article.

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