Benefits for Working with a Gambling Consultancy from Malta

Hiring a gambling consultancy expert in Malta can be a good step if you are planning to apply for an online gaming licence for Malta and don’t have the necessary expertise and speed to prepare everything accordingly.

DD Consultus is specialized in gambling consultancy Malta and can offer tailor-made solutions which reflect the long-lasting experience of its employees. As Malta is the first market that officially legalized gambling and created adequate regulations for the free movement of goods in the EU within a gaming framework, it soon became the most popular. You can find out more about the company and its services at

Go with the experts in gambling consultancy

When going for gambling consultancy in Malta you can rely on the work ethic and professionalism of the well-trained consultants and their proven expertise in the industry.

If you would like to apply for remote gaming in Malta, you might be aware of some advantages provided by this country. Apart from the low licensing fees, you can make sure that the high anti-money laundering standards will keep you and your business within the legal framework. You can as well advertise in the UK following the inclusion of Malta on the UK’s White List. Moreover, the ICT infrastructure is extremely developed.

There is a wide range of financial institutions and support services which you can call in case of any inquiries and, if you need advice and professional support, the wide network of specialists and professionals can help you with everything within the gaming industry.

Get support in any step you take

Among the services in which a gambling consultancy for Malta is specialized it is worth mentioning: Co-Location Services, Regulatory Compliance, International i-Gaming Jurisdictions, Certification and Testing of Software, and Introduction to Business Partners.

As applying for an online gaming licence Malta is a long and difficult process, you might be looking for a new partner to share the profits and the responsibility and the best place to ask for a recommendation would be DD Consultus.

Get recommendations for affordable data centers

Hosting a server in a secure and stable cloud can be a real challenge, therefore the co-location service can be supported by the company upon request. On top of, these data centers can be purchased at a very low cost and still provide a very high quality due to the multiple network carriers.

For any type of advice, from alternative payment methods to best prices and best financial offers, a consultant from DD Consultus can help both online operators and online players. The company is there to support both sides at attractive prices.

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