VIDEO: American Preacher Causes Scene Near Lincoln Christmas Market

American preacher Lincoln

An American preacher who set up stage near the site of the Lincoln Christmas market, sparked several heated debates with passers-by on Saturday.

Daniel Stephen Courney was delivering his “true meaning of Christmas” message on the high-street between The Works and House of Fraser.

Aided by a digital loudspeaker, he yelled: “Isn’t there a big cathedral right over here, do you not love Jesus? What is Christmas about? It’s about Christ, not about Santa Claus!”

While many completely ignored the commotion or walked by visibly amused, others engaged him directly.

One onlooker asked: “Who the hell are you to tell people how to live their lives?”

“I’m a free citizen, I have the freedom of speech,” said Courney.

“I have the freedom of speech to tell you you’re talking sh*t,” said the onlooker.

Courney, who has preached as far away as Nepal, was supported by local Lincoln man William Cairns and a follower from Virginia.

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