5 Infographic Statistics that Will Blow Your Mind

Breaking through the online noise is a challenge for marketers. Using infographic stats is one way to make your website stand out from the crowd. The human brain processes images quicker and retain the information better than it can from the written word alone.

Infographics have exploded in popularity. Teachers use them in classrooms. Salespeople in their presentations. Marketers in their marketing. They’ve revolutionized our communication. Here are some infographic statistics that prove it. 

Increase Web Traffic by 12%

Using social media stats infographic is smart business. Studies show that infographics increase web traffic by 12%. Visitors respond to infographics positively as well; being both more willing to comment and to give positive feedback.

Social media has changed the tapestry of the web. It’s also changed our brains. Our attention span has become shorter. It is important to use symbols to engage people’s attention. The human brain can identify a symbol in 155 milliseconds and commits it to memory 80% of the time while the written word retention is only 20% of the time.

30% of Professional Marketers Use Infographics 

Studies show that 30% of professional marketers prefer using original graphics and infographics over other types of visual media. An infographics maker that offers templates for getting that polished, professional look.

The usage of visual content marketing has been steadily increasing in recent years. According to a recent survey of 300 internet marketers in 2016, around 35% said that they used visual assets in more than 90% of projects. In 2017 the number increased to close to 45%, and in 2018 that number increased again to 56%. 

Content With Relevant Images Viewed 94% More

According to infographic statistics, content with relevant images is viewed 94% more than other types of content. Visual representation of information and data is compelling and qualifies what the viewer is seeing. The mind can process the information in milliseconds which is essential when occupying short attention spans.

Occupying that brief opportunity with relevant content is essential to effective marketing. As it was said of the Greek God of opportunity, Caerus…

“The wings opportunity approach swiftly. If you do not grasp them then you can do nothing after they pass.”

In other words, take advantage of these infographic statistics while you can! Here are a few more reasons to do it now. 

Infographics Are Liked and Shared 3 Times More Often

Studies in infographic statistics show people liked and shared infographics three times more often on social media platforms. They beat all other forms of visual content, including videos and images. This is important because there is a growing concern over the effectiveness of social media marketing. 

Social media is always evolving. This is why marketers are continually reevaluating the tactics they use to reach their target audience. Most marketers question the effectiveness of their social media marketing.

45% of marketers say that they know their social media marketing is effective. That means that most are either unsure or don’t believe that it is working for them.

74% of Social Media Marketers Use Them

74% of social media marketers use infographic statistics in their social media marketing, outpacing blogs, and videos. Social media remains very important to marketers.

A survey of over 5000 internet marketers revealed that 90% of internet marketers use social media. 63% of internet marketers spend over six hours per week on social media marketing.

Make Infographic Statistics Work for You

Now that you’ve heard these infographic statistics, how will you infographics use them? If you’re looking for better SEO, higher conversions, or more brand presence, use infographics and watch your results climb!

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