GTA, Gun Control and the Mainstream Media

In the return of the WideShut Webcast Keelan welcomes guest Liam Dunne to offer an outsider opinion on the topics of the day. They discuss the release of GTA 5 and the controversy surrounding violent video games, when they both stopped believing in the mainstream media (if at all) and whether America needs Gun Control.


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  • rog3rb

    Nice and refreshing to hear realistic critical views on affairs, a credit to media news, esp alt media which aside from Corbett and Abby Martin I’ve been getting rather discouraged by as alt media grows into mainstream tabloid style media, sickeningly so I’m afraid to say, keep it up guys. Just one thing though, as far as Im aware from personal research (amateurishly I must say), revelations of the US gun policy seem to point toward gun legality being the way it is in the constitution because at the time Washington was able to (cloak and daggerishly behind closed doors) blag one, the gun policy was inserted so that the (ex European previously controlled by Machiavellian monarchic style empires) citizens would be able to defend themselves not from one and other but from the authorities that might force their Machiavellian controls on to said citizens either by way of forceful, physical attempts at taxations (tax is not mandatory in USA technically under the constitution, nor in england for that matter under magna carts, unless were being invaded by another country) or gung ho sheriffs, authority figures, soldiers illegally roughing them up, so to speak, when they hadn’t offended, for whatever reason, a sort of security of their own sovereignty over themselves. The early US citizens you see, helped to found the country to escape that sort of European tyrannical nonsense, otherwise they could have just stayed in Europe to get treated like shit.