8 Times Alex Jones Completely Misled His Audience

Alex Jones being crazy

Alex Jones is the godfather of the modern conspiracy theory subculture, rising to prominence by leveraging online video sharing platforms before most people even recognized their value. He took what was once the realm of obscure books, poorly made websites and local patriot groups, and ranted and publicity stunted his way in to the minds of a new generation of ‘truth seekers’, painting himself and his audience as the underdogs fighting against the lying mainstream establishment.

Yet for all the ‘truth’ Alex Jones gets out to the public and for all the people he ‘wakes up’ with his 80s pro wrestling style delivery … sometimes (in fact a lot of the time) he just makes shit up! Then tries to sell you a water filter.

Here are 8 times Bill Hicks, Eric Cartman, Alex Jones completely misled his audience …

8) The Y2K Incident

Alex Jones Y2K

Jones has managed to live this one down because it happened before his upswing in popularity and most of the clips have disappeared down the memory hole. However at the turn of the Millennium when the mainstream media were losing their head over the Y2K bug – which was supposed to wipe out computers that couldn’t process the date correctly – a 25 year old Alex Jones decided to add to the hysteria by telling his listeners that the whole of western society was collapsing.

“Cash machines are failing in Britain and now other European countries. They’re finding large amounts of explosives in France … We’re seeing the New World Order really come out in full force. More wars than the past 50 years are going on right now!”

According to Jones a Pennsylvania nuclear plant that had experienced an insulator failure (a relatively common and minor issue) was being shut down because of Y2K. The Military were rolling in to Austin, Texas to quell rioters and troublemakers who were to be locked in the airport, FEMA were on the verge of taking over all AM and FM radio stations, and Russia was threatening nuclear war!

He went so far that fellow patriot Bill Cooper took him to task on his own radio program:

The broadcast wasn’t far off the infamous War of the Worlds radio drama by Orson Welles, but while CBS went on to admit the fictional nature of the show, Alex Jones would go on to make fearmongering about the collapse of civilization a core element of his program. The formula worked and would make him a millionaire.

7) Arabs Own Hollywood

Rich Arabs

Ironically AJ’s most vocal critics often aren’t the government, mainstream media or skeptic groups, but fellow conspiracy theorists who believe he covers for ‘the Jews’ who are the so called real controllers of the New World Order.

One piece of evidence they say that supports Jones being a ‘Zionist shill,’ is that he once claimed Arabs own Hollywood and virtually everything else in America. In Alex’s defence he did say “Hollywood is owned by the Arabs and the Israelis,” but his claim that the financing comes from Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Dubai, is pretty absurd. The portrayal of Arabs in Hollywood movies is enough to know they aren’t the ones pulling the strings.

Of course in reality Jews are the most dominant group in Hollywood as journalist Joel Stein proudly explored in 2008, but how you interpret that is up to you.

6) Infiltrating Bohemian Grove

Alex Jones Bohemian Grove

One of the InfoWars chief’s finest propaganda pieces was his infiltration of Bohemian Grove. That’s not to suggest he didn’t somehow find his way in to the annual event in the Redwoods of California (it looks like he basically just walked in), but the commentary of what happened is completely unsupported by the lacklustre footage. In fact the video conveniently cuts out for most of the time he and cameraman Mike Hanson are actually inside, giving Jones the freedom to tell us what he saw in post production. There’s no visual of any wealthy or powerful people.

The film Dark Secrets: Inside Bohemian Grove is essentially Alex’s own version of the Blair Witch Project (which came out a few months prior). He traipses around the local community putting words in to the public’s mouths and then snaps a few clips of unassuming trees, claiming there to be hidden cameras in them. He says sheriffs and spies came to question him multiple times before he snuck in, but he doesn’t film this.

Alex Jones wife
We caught you Mike Hanson
The most valuable footage other than the brazen close-up of his ex-wife’s tits, was a portion of the Cremation of Care ceremony itself.

However far from a rabid satanic ritual, it was more like a bunch of people politely watching a play.

What’s tragic about the film is that underneath the typical AJ con, is a charmingly produced amateur horror flick that has a real life Twin Peaks vibe about it. Some of the locals were genuinely quirky, if not creepy.

What actually happens inside Bohemian Grove and why is still somewhat open to interpretation, but most of the evidence suggests it’s a rich men’s frat party. Do they plan global policy? Probably. Do they worship the devil and sacrifice people? Probably not.

5) The Boston Bombing

Boston bombing

9/11 became such a cash cow for Alex Jones that virtually every western mass casualty event since then is at least vaguely deemed a false flag attack at some point along its media lifespan, even if he changes his mind later or posits multiple conflicting reasons for it being a false flag.

The Boston Marathon Bombing was a clear example of this. Even before the dust had settled and basic facts had emerged, Jones was on air saying it had all the hallmarks of being a state sponsored act of terrorism. In fact he was so certain, that he bragged about predicting it.

“I went on the radio today, hours before this happened, it’s on record, and I said I can see all of the scripting with the TV shows and movies, where it’s the right wing patriots that are staging the terror, they’re going to merge with Al Qaeda, and I said I see them staging it very soon, because I see a crescendo of the preparation.”

Unsurprisingly most people immediately suspected Islamic extremists and it quickly emerged that the accused had a Muslim background. There was no sign of a conspiracy to pin the attack on right wingers.

Jones then seized on the testimony of runner Alastair Stevenson, who said he witnessed a bomb detection drill that morning near the start line. Quite why a security presence at a large public event is tantamount to a false flag is anyone’s guess. Alex always moans about the encroaching police state, but this time it’s an anomaly?

InfoWars reporter Dan Biondi then attended the press conferences with the police commissioner and governor, and asked them directly if it was “another false flag attack, staged to take our liberties,” doing nothing more than feed the conspiracy theory echo chamber. One local resident challenged the loud-mouth when he was filming on the streets of Boston.

Next came the blame game. Overlooking the fact that they’d already implicated police bomb sniffing teams and the FBI, the Jones crew then ambiguously blamed military-like personnel for the attack. This morphed in to private security firm Craft International because one of the men was photographed wearing a somewhat similar hat to the Craft uniform. However it was quite clear from the larger collection of photos that this was actually the National Guard Civil Support Team – something InfoWars would later admit.

So far Jones has yet to form a coherent narrative or produce any solid evidence that the bombing was indeed an inside job, but he routinely goes back to it as if it was a proven fact.

That’s not to say there aren’t some legitimate questions, such as possible prior intelligence and discrepancies in some of the evidence (see: inconsistent backpack colour), but Jones prefers to throw everything at the wall to see what sticks, instead of taking a rational and honest approach.

4) Charlie Sheen Is Clean

Charlie Sheen Alex Jones

Do you know what Alex Jones thought when he met controversial, multiple divorced, woman beating, prostitute fiend and actor Charlie Sheen?

“This guy would be a great spokesperson for the 9/11 truth movement!”

You see Jones doesn’t care about his credibility or that of the groups he endorses, only the number of people that pay attention to his brand of truth troof. So stroking Sheen’s ego in to filming a dramatic message to the President, calling for a reinvestigation of the attacks, was perfect for drumming up publicity. Even if most people outside of the InfoWars bubble thought it was hilarious.

Charlie Sheen highWe wouldn’t blame you if you assumed it was Jones that sent Sheen on a downward spiral of drug induced psychosis. Spending 5 minutes with the guy would probably make anybody go insane, but sadly Sheen was already overdosing and entering rehab clinics as far back as the 90s.

Jones was however ahead of the curve enough to see dollar signs in Sheen’s public demise and was one of the first outlets to give him a platform during his 2011 manic episode. The guy waffled so much nonsense and bitched out so many television bigwigs during the broadcast, that he lost his lucrative gig on Two and a Half Men, and decided ‘banging 7 gram rocks’ and 7 grand hookers was a more worthwhile career choice.

Alex made a number of lies during the interview, not least that Charlie was off the charlie and gave the slightest damn about politics and the truth movement. While Sheen was only succeeding in his own stimulated mind, AJ ended up gaining mainstream attention and was invited on to a number of entertainment news segments including The View.


Sheen now has HIV, a bit like the Truth Movement.

3) The Elite Tried To Kill Nigel Farage

Nigel Farage assassination

When Nigel Farage was best known for calling European Council President Herman Van Rompuy a damp rag, he was a semi-regular guest on the Alex Jones Show. It’s not the most obvious pairing, but Jones sees the European Union as one facet of the emerging global government and UKIP are the UK’s leading anti-EU party – so there was some common ground.

Nigel Farage plane crashOn May 6th, 2010, Farage hired a piloted light aircraft to display a UKIP banner, but it got caught in the tailpipe mid-flight and forced them to crash land in a field. This was enough for Alex Jones to suggest the elite had tried to off his British companion. “In politics, nothing happens by accident. If it happens, you can bet it was planned that way,” opened the InfoWars article on the accident. On air Jones repeatedly called it “suspicious” and said Farage should have guards around his hospital bed.

During a broadcast in the June, Farage himself seemed quite happy to play up the rumor. “If those awful ghastly Eurocrats that want to take over my country and destroy democracy think they’ve got rid of me, they’ve got another thing coming,” he dramatically declared.

A similar stunt was pulled in January 2016, when the wheel on Farage’s Volvo came loose while he was driving from Brussels. He told reporters that it had been tampered with, but later backtracked saying he made a “terrible, terrible mistake,” by suggesting there was foul play.

InfoWars published the Daily Mail’s “assassination” article, but not Farage’s latter comments.

2) Donald Trump and Sarah Palin are the ‘Real Deal’

Donald Trump Sarah Palin

Alex Jones often rants about the democratic system being a fraud, claiming politicians and the President are bought and paid for by special interests, and that Republicans and Democrats are just part of the same corrupt establishment. Many of his fans were therefore perplexed to see him endorsing Republicans like Sarah Palin and Donald Trump over the past year, calling them the “real deal.”

At least Ron Paul was a consistent Libertarian, which for good or bad is an alternative ideology and a threat to the status quo. Palin is well … Palin, and Trump is an obnoxious flip flopper who would say and do anything to get publicity. Neither’s viewpoints can be considered alternative or radical, unless you class run-of-the-mill xenophobia & race baiting, and typical conservative “American jobs” spiel as radical.

If you’ve bought the InfoWars narrative for the past 15 years, and Donald Trump is supposed to be the one who will save us from the New World Order, where was he during all of the anti-Bilderberg rallies? Why hasn’t he opened up Trump Tower for 9/11 truth activists to use as their New York base? Why doesn’t he fund Alex’s ‘Central Texas Command Center’ or use his fame to ‘get the word out’ about the police state and Globalists?

The “bombshell” live interview with the eccentric tycoon was a 30 minute nauseating circle jerk. Jones challenged him on nothing, even when he called for increased surveillance, a stronger military, and said Bin Laden knocked the towers down. We thought it was an inside job Alex?

Despite painting himself as the underdog and being outside of the mainstream, Jones would do anything to widen his audience and grow his bank balance. His endorsement of Trump is more about Trump endorsing him.

1) FEMA Coffins

FEMA coffins

There’s a lot of things you can give AJ a pass on, but suggesting Americans would soon be rounded up and sent to concentration camps where they may end up resting in mass produced plastic coffins is not one of them!

The fact is, the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) has plans to shelter citizens during disasters and other emergencies, while helping to maintain the “continuity of government.” It’s been that way since the Cold War and is not a particularly shocking policy. Anything else you’ve heard about so called FEMA Camps is purely speculation. Could the government theoretically go full Nazi at some point? Sure, but that could happen with or without FEMA and there’s no evidence that such an atrocity is actually being planned.

Alex Jones Jesse VenturaAs for the coffins Jones and Jesse Ventura comically stumble across on the former governor’s “Conspiracy Theory” show, they’re not owned by FEMA nor are they coffins. They’re coffin vaults/containers, used to house coffins when there are ground subsidence and water issues at the cemetery.

Believe it or not millions of people die every year in the United States. Coffins and burial apparatus have to be manufactured to meet this demand. If this was part of a secret conspiracy would the government really just leave the evidence in an open field in Georgia?

What Has Alex Jones Accomplished?

Followers of Alex Jones might want to ask themselves what has he actually done for the truth seeking community? He might have ‘woken up’ a lot of people, but all successful cult leaders and gurus are able to invoke such an experience. What you wake up in to is the more important question. With Jones it’s all about his empire, which is built with divisive walls. Everyone inside is told they are special and have the truth that the sheep are too brainwashed to understand, and everyone outside sees a fat clown with a bullhorn, acting like a complete lunatic.

Within the wider public it is generally accepted that conspiracy theorists are crazy. Jones is one of the most recognized conspiracy theorist in the world. You do the math!

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  • Tim Nous

    Alex Jones is a joke, really. But if he only were among few…
    The Truth Movement is a paradise for con artists, scammers and fantasists since there is very little accountability, and most of the audience it attracts already distrusts the government and has issues of various kind.
    Because of the typical nature of the truth movement, for obvious reasons, the salesmen in it have to use more extreme marketing trickery and PR bullshit than those in so-called ‘normal careers’, and they have to do it more often too. But despite the delusions of a lot of the customers involved, the ‘alternative news’ has always been with us, it is nothing new, and it has pretty much always been a ‘business’ for those providing it.

    The truth movement is quite obviously not a faultless or honest truth movement. It is for the most part a festering pyramidal cesspit of hypocrisy and fakery.
    – almost all of it, even though there is also some truth in it – and all of them: Alex jones, Icke, Bill Cooper, Mark Dice, christian conspiracy ministries, Nathanael Kappner, Makow, David Wilcock, Michael tsarion, Stefan Molyneux, eric dubay, Trudeau, Christopher Greene and so on and so on…

    I’ve found that most people are not really interested in truth, anyway – they want a comfort zone, some entertainment and some ego satisfaction.

    • Boss

      So I guess you are amongst who is leftover of the sleeping and naive idiots that still has trust in the admitted and proven to be corrupt and broken American govt. It is so easy for most non-Americans to point out the lies and deceit when Obama speaks to the American people. His words and actions are part of the same agenda that other world leaders with NATO are pushing towards while admitting some of the goals and reasons for doing. The final outcome is an evil, fascist, and tyrannical, one world govt, that is controlled by the same people, who lobby and control the many governments of as many other different countries as they are able to convince with money or force. The mainstream media is trying to show, in many twisted ways, corruption and other crimes to be normal and okay as long as you are running for president. Hillary clintons crimes against homeland security while the govt is recording, tracking and taking away citizens rights and giving others huge penalties for any little reason they make up saying it breeches homeland security and American safety. The American govt corruption is being uncloaked more and more every day. You obviously haven’t noticed the stats on govt operated news outlets which have lost half their ratings due to trust issues. I guess you were waiting for them to tell you that instead of researching it for yourself amongst many other things you thought were true because the mainstream media ran by the trustful govt said so. Im sorry to be the one to wake you up and tell you that 95%+ of that bullshit you hear Alex Jones say is actually TRUE. He is becoming more popular and trusted everyday because of the things he says is backed up with lots of facts and other involving information which is declassified. Alex always lets it be known very clearly when he states an opinion or a prediction on or about something because of the lies that are made about him by the mainstream media by twisting his words with the news and opinions he makes in any and all ways to discredit him. When the humongous american govt actually owns all of the biggest media outlets in the country, wouldn’t that be a worry, on even the smallest scale, for the American people? That is an important issue, if not the absolute most important issue in which other countries’ citizens are completely fed up with Americans for not realizing how easy it is to be conditioned and brainwashed with propoganda one of them and I cannot believe the amount of lies and misleading information that is told to the American people by their trusted mainstream media. It makes us wonder how they could believe so much non-sense. The obvious and outright blatant lies which are mixed with misleading phrases are spewed time and time again, by the same servants that are paid for by Americans to serve Americans. roup of someone that held an important position of power for Hillary Clinton during and after her powerful govt position as the Secretary of State. 95%+ of Alex Jones predictions end up being the actual truth because he works so hard on researching whilst backing up everything he says! I guess you are still one of those people that believe the mainstream medias bullshit. Who owns the biggest mainstream media organizations? Which media is finally uncloaked and well known to still be trying to mislead the awakening American people now? How many viewers have the mainstream media organizations lost in the last while? Who is becoming very famous because of theories and predictions that are sometimes proven sooner than later to be correct while most times being proven to be correct after being laughed at and criticized then finally not appreciated and forgotten about since most were proven to be wrong and too embarrassed to admit it like the sore loser lying mainstream media and all of its “big shot” and “trendy” followers! Nothing but winers and uneducated useless people that will want to be saved in the end after being naive, sleeping dummies that fight for the wrong side of humanity and to dumb to understand it! Calling everybody that disagrees with them the same two words which are all they have in their vocabulary without anything to prove it! “RACIST” “BIGOT” Which news organization isn’t funded by taxpayers while still being trusted more and more everyday by taxpayers? Funny how fox and cnn lose half their viewers but keep on lying and misinforming people about Donald Trump as much as possible. eg. I counted 14 times where Trump disendowed the kkk, but still the mainstream media was asking him that same question while acting like he wouldn’t do it. Why does the mainstream media and American govt believe the American people are so dumb? That is only one out of thousands of examples where I would be totally embarrassed to be an American unless I was part of overthrowing the govt which Americans should have done so long ago. What a disgrace. It should have been done no later than the time the government was caught tapping phones and spying on its own people. What’s it going to take? Did a government which is supposed to be run by the people get ordered to spy on itself by itself? What a disgrace to the country since they got away with it while how many times has the govt gotten away with disgracefulness again and again by breaking the law right in front of the people that would go to jail for life if it was the other way around. I never thought it was possible for the world superpower country would cmpletely turn out to actually be the world SUPERCOWARD country!

      • Tim Nous

        I think at least 80% people like Alex Jones, and many other conspiracy salesmen say and claim is utter bullshit and endarkening propaganda.
        Alternative is just a side also!

        What is the difference in taking in marketed bullshit from Alex Jones c.s. or taking in marketed bullshit from Obama?
        The drones that get conned by Alex Jones c.s. are on a par with the drones that get conned by Obama c.s., BUT each group of drones actually believe the other group of drones are stupid and brainwashed. All sides will scream they are actually awake but I believe in reality all sides are seriously deluded.

        Business is Business, therefore they will ‘invent’ anything that sells, simply because the more they sell the more popular they become in the eyes of their programmed punters and groupies. They therefore become more useful in the eyes of the subscriber seeking egos that play at being matrix busters in the ‘Alternative’ media, too!
        The truth movements are now just like the Porn TV industry, and the hyped businessmen and limited companies have to purposely increase the attraction value of their media by getting sillier and sillier and more dramatic, just so the punters keep visiting and paying to stay entertained.

        I think in reality the alternative media ‘truth movements’ are more deceptive than mainstream is.
        Truther movements simply dazzle with cheesy tricks, yet big gob groupies and forum clowns all around the truth movements believe they are awake.

      • freenewlife8 .

        …whew, okay, I read all of that. I agree with you that Alex is a good man trying to save America. I’m a Conservative woman, and I use some of my free time to be an online activist, trying to reason with my fellow man in hopes some will wake up and question the Jesuit/NWO Elite/Globalist propaganda. It’s a huge wicked scheme, but it’s not bigger than the human needs, Rights and dignity of the rest of us sharing this planet with “them.” We outnumber “them.” We showed our strength, with God’s help, in getting President Trump elected. Now what’s next? We can’t fight fire with fire. Those brainwashed by the Elites are in a very weakened state of health and mind and soul. What’s next? That’s what I’m working to figure out. So far I see an new sinful Jesuit agenda emerging to normalize women being leaders above men in the Christian Evangelical churches (fat chance at real churches, the Bible forbids it.) Not seeing Globalist movement after the election, yet… still watching to figure them out… I’m suspicious of Bill O’Reilly. He has expressed clear NWO positions in the past, but pushed them below the surface this election, probably knowing the true poll numbers and seeking to maintain his “Conservative” podium at Faux. You said, “When the humongous American govt actually owns all of the biggest media
        outlets in the country, wouldn’t that be a worry, on even the smallest
        scale, for the American people?” I’m understanding you mean they are “owned” by the gov because they get tax breaks, right? They’re still owned legally by private individuals, such as Rupert Murdock, an Australian, whose assets are situated offshore and not taxable because he’s not an American. The gov doesn’t technically own Fox in reality. What do you think? Any insights where the Left is headed?

  • FiverPrometheus

    Everybody who is a regular listener of the Alex Jones Radio Show knows Alex Jones isn’t perfect. The author of this article is jealous of Alex Jones success. The majority of Alex Jones critics are jealous of him. It doesn’t matter if Alex Jones is a secret manipulator because you’ll still learn more from him and his crew than any other source. He also makes it very entertaining. If Alex Jones isn’t Bill Hicks he’s a brilliant comedian in his own right. Some of the articles on this site are valid and some are poorly researched. I suggest Keelan Balderson watch the Conspiracy Theory episode on FEMA camps. One has to listen to Alex Jones everyday to understand him. It’s obvious that most of Alex Jones critics don’t listen to his show everyday for years on end. He can admit he’s wrong and he’s the first to say he isn’t perfect. It’s like Howard Stern always says, if you have a problem with his radio show then turn the channel knob. It’s safe to assume that Alex Jones’ regular listeners don’t limit their alternative news intake to InfoWars. Like so many of Alex Jones’ critics Keelan Balderson assumes his listeners are stupid and gullible and we need wise sages like himself to properly inform us. I personally also visit everyday, The Drudge Report, Blacklisted News, The Daily Sheeple, Activist Post, What Really Happend, and plenty of other alternative sites on a less frequent basis. Keelan Balderson, your degree of brains don’t justify your know it all attitude. BTW, I have a big problem with all of the movers and shakers attending Bohemian Grove and engaging in a bunch of weird rituals and bizarre sex that they knowingly participate in so they can be blackmailed. They’re all traitors who should be disposed of. The fact that you’re playing it down and making it sound like it’s not that bad, makes me wonder if Keelan Balderson is a NWO shill.

    • BlurryFace

      I listened to AJ for 5 long years EVERYDAY sometimes I would listen to the broadcast twice (repeat) I even bought products. I started to find that the whole story wasn’t being told in fact anyone with half their brain cells working could see it eventually. So please tell me how it has gone from don’t trust the 1% to let’s elect the 1% into office? That doesn’t make sense for someone who is suppose to be part of the TRUTH movement. If you are honest with yourself you know it is true.
      Let’s look at the latest hypocrisy to hit inforwars having a militant gay man that is not a citizen jump up and down about his freedom of speech. What Alex didn’t tell you is that he has no rights under our constitution he can’t even vote, This gay attention seeker hates women not just the feminists but anyone that has lady parts.In fact if you look up some of his “articles” there is one where this Milo fellow explains why women shouldn’t be allowed on the internet, this man thinks because he is gay he can do what he wants including inciting people to attack and verbally abuse and bully people over social media. Leslie Jones wasn’t the first look up gamergate Milo tried to destroy a female game maker because she was a woman.

      I do remember a time when all Alex could talk about is how they are pushing the “gay agenda” on us now he/you and his SHEEP are embracing it. You my friend are in denial big time and are the true sheep in this world. Get real and step out of the illusion Infowars has spun for you . It is ok to admit you got fooled you aren’t the only one, but to continue to spread misinformation that you heard on inforwars means that you are part of the problems in this world and you are no better than the criminals in charge. Wake up or be a sheep

      • Mark William Bedwell

        I think AJ is a hardone, I think like most things you read on the internet you can’t take everything at face value. I think he still has uses as being a stepping stone into finding more information. From what I’ve read he’s connected with the CIA.

        regardless of how accurate he is, a lot less people would be even be looking for answers, besides he’s entertaining to watch.

        • anonymous77

          “regardless of how accurate he is” …. *facepalm*

          If reporting facts accurately isn’t important to you then you might not be in the right place…

          • Edward Keithly

            Says a cowardly POS, anonymously on the internet.

            Tell me, how does it feel to be such a cowardly POS, ya cowardly POS…?

        • freenewlife8 .

          I agree, Mark. He has been very effective in opening the smelly cans of worms! He helped me know where to start, and at times I’ve wondered about his links, although I currently trust him. He has walked the razor’s edge, and has to be careful how/when/what he exposes. He’s not perfect, but he has served to expose things like chemtrails, monsanto wickedness, global elite illuminati control schemes, and he starts from a foundation of patriotism, which I respect fully. Just because we listen while knowing his info is meant to be questioned, doesn’t make us sheep, it makes us wise knowing we have to stay informed as best we can. This is an age of government propaganda and godless globalist attack by the use of misleading information and physical attacks, and survival depends on making some sense of it all to inform our personal decisions.

          • Le Cochon Bleu

            Unfortunately Jones is placed & controlled, in order that he or anyone else like him lets out very little of what is really going on.

            Alex Jones is the modern (satanic) Illuminati’s Wizard of Oz.
            If you are a modern cowardly lion, for example, then in the end , you might will appreciate Alex for telling you that you do have a heart and always did. It’s just that you couldn’t see it.

            If that’s what I want from a truth broadcaster, fine, but there’s nothing else there actually.
            Because the Wizard of Oz is owned by other parties who really are most serious, and – it’s important to be honest and serious about this – most evil.

          • freenewlife8 .

            lol, for all your blathering on, my simple response is, I dsagree. You’re awfully into your “in depth” psychoanalysis, though, aren’t you? lol. co-intel-pro much?

    • freenewlife8 .

      I agree, I looked into the idea he was first known as Bill Hicks, and I kind of suspect he was. Those scheming to discredit his by manufacturing the idea, with photo, radio, and video proof have done okay at it, and it might convince some to distrust Alex. I know voice manipulation using digital sound equip is pretty simple these days, and photo editing is super easy, do it all the time to make social media memes and facebook cover photos, myself. If he was Bill Hicks, I would be more likely to think he broke away from an alphabet agency and reinvented himself, then began carefully, slowly and effectively exposing (InfoWar-ing against) the very people he found to be actively destroying America and those setting up massive programs to cover up corruption, crime, and profiteering in highest elite levels. Most likely scenario, don’t you think?

  • december_lady

    I try not to be quick to judge anyone, even people on television, and I have an older family member who watches InfoWars regularly, so am familiar with Alex Jones. While I don’t like to vent my opinion of Jones to my family member, I will state them here (and after a three years steady diet of listening to Jones’ views I feel I have cultivated informed but non-biased thoughts about the guy): On the good side, while some have criticized Jones as a racist, I have found nothing racist about him. On the down side: Jones does tend to pounce like a greedy dog on the most extreme conspiracy theories (most notably those “false flag” ones). I’ve also noted that while Jones enjoys ranting at liberals, he gets awfully upset when anyone criticizes him. His demonstrated jealousy of rival Glenn Beck is so passionate as to be pitifully comical. I also have to shake my head whenever he commonly infers about family members having been in careers that offered them clandestine or unique positions of power (he’s credited his dad as an authoritative expert in so many fields, I can’t figure out what career the man actually even had). There is also the doomsday cry-wolf announcements Jones occasionally makes, like the time he warned viewers about “a report” of a possible nuclear or atomic bomb having been detonated in Russia. (Curious about this, I looked the situation up and discovered what he was talking about was a factory explosion, but as far as I know, Jones never corrected the initial report.) Then there was the time that he turned one particular broadcast into an outright whine fest against women in general, ranting how all they all want are big diamond rings. Geesh. And while I support Trump, Jones’ interview did come across as a pure attempt to rub celebrity elbow. But I think what annoys me the most about Alex Jones is how he uses his supposedly informative show to broadcast bogus photos of himself, e.g. the “Before and After” pictures of himself used to sell his weight-loss product, and those creepy, scantily clad photos of himself as a teenager. These images just strike me wrong on so many levels.

    To be fair, I feel Jones does offer viewers info which regular (mainstream) media often suppresses. Unfortunately his info is offered with a generous heaping of his biased interpretation and/or exaggerated speculations. His behavior comes across as that of an egomaniac that uses the issues of people legitimately concerned with Constitutional rights to rant, bully, boast and to generally scare viewers into buying his products. If I am correct, this behavior is as contrary to waking people up to reality as any of the b.s. liberals serve up daily. At the most, I give Jones credit for having the far more level-headed and personable Jakari Jackson as part-time co-host. And Jones does play some excellent snippets of arena Rock between rant sessions. If Jones put half as much energy into giving an honest show as he puts into the bullsh*ttery, he’d probably be a lot more successful with the overlooked majority that craves integrity from our media.

    Thanks for posting your article, it was quite informative.

    • Curt Mangle

      His father was a Dentist

  • BlurryFace

    I used to listen to ol AJ. For 5 years I was “woken up” by the kernels of truth he peppered into his rants. I came across Alex when I was consuming documentaries his documentary how weed won the west I believe was the name. So I thought I would take a look at his website. I learned about the banking system and Monsanto and the GMOs basically everything people have been talking about for the past 6 years.
    But what I learned was that Alex Jones wasn’t sharing the bigger picture of this information. I had gone out on my own to research and do my homework and sure enough I found many inconsistencies with the information Jones was putting out. I think the straw that broke the camel’s back was when he had this religious guy on can’t remember his name I think he was some sort of preacher . Anyway this guy would come on every so often and ring the alarm bell that the economy was going to fall this was 4 yrs ago and he said in two years the economy was going to fail because of the elite. He said he had an elite person that was telling him this stuff. I noticed that every time this man came on there was a push to sell the emergency foods that sponsored his show. Well here we are 2016 and no economic failure.

    So fast fwd to today and now Alex Jones and his follower sheep are embracing the 1% for president not to mention Milo whatever the hell his last name a gay militant man that hates women not just feminist but anyone with girl parts. This Milo Idiot is over here in the US jumping up and down in support of Trump and he isn’t even a citizen He’s British/Greek. Alex Jones has this guy on to discuss his freedom of speech that he thought he had a right to when twitter banned him.
    Last time I checked you need to be an American citizen in order to be protected under the constitution. Infowars is nothing more than propaganda machine cherry picking and skewing stories for their own agenda. People forget that you need to do the research and see all the perspectives on whatever subject you are researching.
    In the end my journey has led to this conclusion. Every single one of us is getting second hand information EVERYWHERE from science to international news Everything that is reported someone somewhere has an agenda and you don’t know jack, the only way to really KNOW Is if you witnessed it with your 5 senses ect otherwise it is someone else’s account. So I decided to try to make some sort of informed choices by seeing ALL perspectives and then I used my common sense and critical thinking skills to sort through all the information and that does really help to see the bigger the picture it isn’t always a sure thing but it sure beats being some follower that can’t think for themselves. I often wonder if when Alex talks about the sheep in this world if it isn’t an inside joke because of all his little sheep that suck on his fear mongering .

    • freenewlife8 .

      More cointel pro, I call your post b.s. Alex is constantly receiving legit infomation and some includes what those nicely embedded in economy-influencing circles are hearing and seeing. The schemes/info he shares about “failing economy” are so early in the process that they are still able to be thwarted, lessened or avoided all together. Alex does his work to help STOP the schemes, and it often works well because those planning them know too many people won’t fall for it (those like me, awake and trusting proven alt-media news instead of NWO/Jesuit/Luciferian MSM rubbish.) We know it won’t always be something we can stop by sharing early info, so we also care for our loved ones by being prepared to be self-reliant and resilient for a period of time. We’re not willing to be searching for daily food/water/medicine when we should be strategically fighting to regain our precious, free, God-fearing, independent nation, America. You Soros butt-kissers are so obvious…lol…

    • Le Cochon Bleu

      Alex is more sensationalist than the National Examiner.
      In fact he leaves the Examiner well in the shade.
      The real questions about Jones are how much he is controlled or paid by certain parties.
      His meticulously constructed cognitive dissonance contribution paved the way for Trump to become president.
      It’s so interesting – the timing – the years of incredibly sensationalist Jones headlines, which the sum of kind of amounts to an end of the world kind of narrative, which millions are grabbing at.
      And then, suddenly, a world of cognitive dissonance created successfully, and Jones drops the “You must vote Trump” trigger – show after show after show after show for the best part of a year.
      Timing! It can be no coincidence.

      Yes, the MSM is full of manipulated lies chosen by unseen hands, but Jones is probably much worse, maybe much more strategically planned, years in advance.

  • hellbindercda

    So.. I agreed with you on maybe 2 of your points. on some others I think you proved his point without realizing it. The bohemian grove is just some rich people who probably control the world doing some weird sacrifice ritual.. but they worshiping and its just having fun?
    I would say based on your article that jones is running over 50% on the accuracy scale even if some of his interpretations are exaggerated. they are still in the right ball[ark.

    • hellbindercda

      sorry having computer issues…

    • freenewlife8 .

      That’s how this disinfo [a.k.a. cointelpro = Counter-intelegence propaganda] article hit me too. They overplay their indignant hand, while reminding us of the work Alex has successfully done to make us all aware of the vile backroom dealings, the clearly staged events rife with inconsistencies (Boston bombing) and how many, many times citizen journalists have given Alex their info, video footage, and he’s put the random pieces together like few have managed to. He’s far from prefect, but who is? Only Jesus truly is, the rest of us are just trying to recognize and survive the wicked schemes of dark forces among us…

  • Dane

    In comparison to CNN, CBS, and FOX, I would say IF they reported news that A.J. Would be more accurate then they are. You should have a list of the 8 times the The Free Press misled us. Or the fact that they fail to report news, unless celebrity gossip is now news. Of course we can tac on 100 more stories in this case. WMDs, iran/contra, cia drug trafficking, the war on drugs period, the Panama papers, the clintons, Vince Foster, JFK/RFK/MLK, pharmacuticle industry, gulf war, Vietnam war, WW2, Iraq, Afghanistan, bay of pigs, the big three collusion, Sandy Hook, Orlando Pulse and on and on and on. The free world sold us out before I was ever born (1986).the free press doesn’t print a story without the Feds permission. Except for those lone wolfs who end up committing suicide by shooting themselves in the head twice (Gary Webb) But I’m just some tinfoil nut-job. It was just a coincidence, that on 9/11, our eastern airspace was left completely unguarded due to training on the west coast. If you believe that then you’re a fool. No plane, let alone a 757, can go off its route without the air traffic controls permission. They’ll scramble a jet and escorts your ass appropriately.

    • Shelly Kay

      I agree! Alex isn’t perfect and it’s easy to criticize him for all the times he was wrong, said something stupid, or made a ridiculous prediction but I’d like to see someone post a detailed analysis on all the times he was right.
      It may have taken a lot longer than originally anticipated, but many of those predictions are coming true and we see more proof of it every single day.
      When the MSM works so tirelessly to smear someone’s image or silence them, it’s usually because they are terrified of the information that person provides.
      It’s really sad that so many others can’t see that.

      • Moss Quito

        Simple, there is proof that Alex Jones has never posted online a correctly predicted item. That as they say is a matter of public record.
        Not once has this idiot managed to guess a correct new’s item..and if you say but False flag items- you go visit a family member of those and ask them to prove they didnt lose a family member etc.

        • Shelly Kay

          You obviously haven’t seen everything he’s posted.
          I’m not denying that Alex is high strung at times and when he’s wrong he has no problem admitting it.
          He was right about Trump, he was right about the things the DNC were willing to do to compromise the election (thankfully they were unsuccessful) he was right when he said The DNC would blame Russia for the hacking, he was right when he said John Podesta and Huma Abedin cannot be trusted, and he was right about many other things too.
          He was one of the first to make those predictions so until you’ve read every single infowars article and watched every single video, you probably shouldn’t post comments about something you clearly know nothing about.
          And no one said lives aren’t lost during false flags but that doesn’t mean that what the news tells you is the whole truth which is why it is called a “false” flag!
          Idgaf what anyone says-9/11 & Sandy Hook were inside jobs.
          Did people die? -Duh!
          Do we know the truth about it?-Hell no!

          • Moss Quito

            You’re a whole lot of crazy arent ya! No, Alex Jones is never ever right ever..like he has never been right, has he ever got close to being right? NO.
            Has he maybe had a lucky hit about something well in that you could go well he was in the same country as 9-11 but he was in Texas..so he was there but not close and that is everything with Jones.
            The email hack was something that was mentioned by several reputable news sources in Europe b4 your Jones got it and they all agreed that the Repubs were hacked but nothing released..hmm are Repubs really squeaky clean..lmao..so why were their mails not released?
            What Jones and the other right wing nut jobs on radio tv do is aim a huge blunderbuss of accusations at politico’s celebs etc and when they get close to a hit they yell “I told you so!” And idiots gobble it all up because believing in a conspiracy is easier than the fact they know f*cking nothing.

            Sandy Hook and 9.11 have been gone over by thousands of ppl and yet you are so sad you believe in the 10 or so who say no, no, it can’t be…Jones is a sad little fool with serious mental health disorder and you listen to him…Sad.

          • Shelly Kay

            blah blah blah blah

          • Moss Quito

            Alex Jones has ranted about Demons, alien invaders and the End of days, Michelle Obama (man allegedly) and Barack being demon’s and his ridiculous claims of George Soros being behind all that is bad..and where are those Nato forces with interment camps that he has been ranting about since 2000..and you believe most of what he says..hell yeah you better Blah Blah!

          • Shelly Kay

            Do you believe what the liberal biased MSM says about Obama being the best POTUS we’ve ever had too?
            I never said I believe “everything” Alex says.
            I never said he’s always right.
            I even stated that he’s high strung.
            But he HAS been right about things whether you wanna believe it or not.
            He’s NOT always right, but he’s NOT always wrong either.
            NO ONE gets it right 100% of the time.

          • Moss Quito

            You proved by your previous comments what you believe and how ridiculous your beliefs are..wether you believe all of Jones crazy is not the point because you said he is sometimes right..and he is never ever right..he never even get’s close (you can check that, and he is a NEVER right). You believe that Sandyhook was a fake and that marks you a gross imbecile and a total heartless erse.
            Is Obama the best, no. Is he better than the last 5 repubs, absolutely yes he is. Has he turned a failing aconomy around and saved hundreds of thousands of jobs, yes. Do you worship Trump for the same things you yell abuse at Obama for..probably.

          • Le Cochon Bleu

            I agree with what you’re saying about Jones, Moss Quito.
            But Sandy Hook was set up.
            The MSM news stories about Sandy Hook are not to be believed.
            Reportage has been a load of untruths.
            (Which is not the same thing as saying nothing happened.
            We don’t even know what really happened.
            The public probably will never know what really happened.
            What did not happen is something random or natural.
            What did happen was something pre orchestrated.)

          • freenewlife8 .

            Trollish sicko, through and through, lol. Mosquito you’re a destroyer of humanity just like your malaria-spreading namesakes. Perfect name for your type…

          • Moss Quito

            What proof have you that Im a troll? Would that be none apart from your childish fantasy that ppl who can reason and make you idiots look stupid must be bad? My name if you paid attention is Moss Quito…

          • Jonathan Gabor

            I would say I enjoy me some Alex Jones, I think it is very entertaining. Doesn’t mean I’m eating up everything and planning my life around it. But I will say I think he has this style of a mix between a father and a preacher. But life goes on the same no matter what I listen to or believe. And IMO 911 and SH were so sketchy I have no idea how you can call anyone crazy for having questions. I don’t wanna believe SH was bogus, I just wish I was shown any proof. Not that I wanna see pictures of dead children, but a picture of the door he gunned through would have been a good start.

      • freenewlife8 .

        I agree Shelly, as I’ve watched Alex he doesn’t claim to have it all perfectly figured out. He is usually saying “This is what my sources are telling me they’re seeing or they’re hearing…” This article sounds like an attempt to make him look untrustworthy, but it doesn’t give any real substance. IIt only made me trust Alex as legit more, not less. We need watchmen and trumpet-blowers, even if they get it wrong at times…

  • Le Cochon Bleu

    The main point is Jones, an astute, multi-millionaire businessman, is often just full of ****. As the mainstream media is also, but Alex does it in different ways. I say because both – yes Jones too, absolutely – are controlled by the very sake groups. Who include the same people who set David Icke up to do his pre-scripted anti-establishmentarian stuff, another astute multi-millionaire businessman.

    However David Icke is not quite in such a redneck dumb style as Jones and Icke also has some intelligence and communicates good things. The best you may get out of Jones nowadays are his high quality health supplements, an addition to his business empire.

    However again, whioe there’s every reason to be critical of the drivel coming from Jones consistently, I don’t want to give the impression it’s his own fault particularly. He is a poor, tortured, abused, mind-controlled slave who I guess would be much more noble if he had any kind of choice over what he does. I have much sympathy for Jones, but no time for his shows or “his” ideas whatsoever.

    Trump, “for the people”? Trump the answer to social and political elites?
    The property billionaire who’s had an average income of 10 to 40 million dollars a month (a month!!!!???) sizably connected to buying land and property at deflated, knock-down prices, then to sell at double or more the market rate, always pushing up the market including for the tiniest and ramshackle properties so people can’t afford their rents plus food plus bills.

    Trump is someone “for the people”? Now we see him choose a super wealthy crony cabinet, CEOs, top bankers, oil company millionaires etc, who get where they are by looking out for eachother, by ensuring the safety of and entrenching the dominance of the 1% over the 99%.

    What the hell? “For the people?” How can so many Americans be so stupid?

    And Alex Jones – I have no doubt, in fact, this is ALL YOUR FAULT (not that you have any choice as you are simply a puppet, a remotd operated workstation).

    Were it not for Jones’s support of Trump, for example on the radio show Jones loves to tell us is USA’s most listened radio show, I feel sure Trump would never have become president. Jones has created a situation from conspiracy theories of having an immense pool of dispossessed or gullible listeners who will believe what he says when he clicks his fingers.

    Yes, Hilary won 2% – millions – more votes than Trump. Without Jones’s Trump “for the people” evil lies, Hillary would be being inaugurated this week as PotUS.

    How many tens of millions did parties linked to Trump promise to pay you for this Alex?

    (Was Icke also paid?)

  • nikkol19

    Expose CNN,Alex has told much less BS than them,but they get of the hook,why,is it because any fact checker can find CNN is a CIA created mouthpiece,in as much as the BBC is Mi5/6 puppet.
    People have woken up.

    • David Davidson

      Ok so what about ABC, CBS, NBC ? Do they not all mirror each other? what is the difference? Why did you not mention them? Isn’t that important?

  • Chris Slaughter

    Alex has stumbled onto the truth more times than msnbc has profsioally ” reported it”