UK Terror Update 2018: Manchester Bombing and Parsons Green – WideShut Webcast

The teenager accused of the Parsons Green tube attack pleads not guilty to using the infamous TATP compound, the Manchester Bombing inquests are further pushed back until the summer, and MI5 investigates itself with a predictable outcome.

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Show Notes:

Parsons Green attack teenage suspect pleads not guilty to attempted murder by placing bomb on Tube

“The device did not function as intended. It did not function the TATP, probably due to inaccurate construction.”

Cressida Dick on LBC

“TATP-based devices are rarely seen in war zones such as Iraq and Afghanistan.”

Neighbour says police visited Ahmed Hassan’s foster home before Parsons Green attack (Video)

Manchester attacker bought most bomb parts himself: UK police

YouTube bomb-making video watched by Manchester killer Salman Abedi before arena blast is still online

David Anderson QC: Independent Assessment of MI5 and Police Internal Reviews

Manchester terror bombing could have been prevented, review finds

Watching the Watchers Blog

Security services’ failure to stop UK terror attacks will not be assessed by ISC

Budget 2015: What is the new Joint Security Fund?

Autumn Statement 2015: George Osborne promises £3.4bn extra counter-terrorism spending in wake of Paris attacks but no police cuts commitment

Conflict, Stability and Security Fund

Amber Rudd asked to reveal where secret £1bn conflict fund is spent

Death of Jean Charles de Menezes

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