Top 5 Benefits of Investing in Automated Pay & Display Machines

Investing in a car parking business, especially in a busy urban, can be such a great move. Today, parking services are being automated, with most motorists preferring to visit parking areas with automated pay and display parking machines. You are most likely to find these machines in most of the public and private parking areas in town. 

Apart from attracting more customers to your business, these machines have a lot of benefits. In this post, we look at some of the five benefits you are likely to gain by having pay and display machines installed in your parking area.

Increased revenue 

No machine makes life simple in a parking area like the pay and display parking machine. It reduces customer issues significantly, which means more revenue stream in your business. Your customers can simply click on the device and find out how much they should pay for the parking and make the payment on the spot.

Also, since these machines operate round the clock, it means your parking facility will be open for more hours and hence more revenue. These machines provide payment alternatives for your customers. That means they can either pay by cash or using their credit cards. The customer receives the change for payments on the spot, thus saving on time.

Customer satisfaction 

Most customers visiting car parking with no pay and display machines waste a lot of time waiting for the parking attendant to issue them receipts and show them where to park. With these parking machines, the customer does not have to present the parking ticket at the entrance and exit barrier. 

Also, since the machines issue change on the spot, the customers don’t have to wait for the change from the attendant. This way, they increase the level of customer satisfaction significantly. 


The modern display and parking machines are resistant to vandalism and breakages. They come with sturdy construction and in-built anti-tampering security devices. In the case where the automated machine is tampered with, it will send a signal to the concerned respondents for immediate action. Also, by making payments on the computerized machine, customers’ confidential information is kept safe.

Competitive edge 

Having automated pay and display parking machine at a private or public parking makes your business more competitive. These machines come with the latest technology that will make customer servicing a hassle-free. They make it easy for the customer, especially those in a hurry, to enter and leave the parking much faster. 

The smart features they come with and their ability to help customers save on time makes them a must-have for any parking facility. Your parking business gains a competitive edge for serving customers faster and more conveniently with these machines in place. 

Remote monitoring 

Pay and display parking machines bring something new in car park management. These machines will make it easier for private businesses and government bodies to manage their parking areas cost-effectively and efficiently. The devices keep a record of all customers and thereby help the management in predicting sales turnover. 

With remote monitoring, vehicles that do not have tickets can be easily identified and booked on the spot. The machines have sensors and cameras that can spot vehicles with no tickets and send signals to the central monitor for an on-time response. Also, the machines have web-based servers, which make them more remote and adaptable. The customer records stored on these machines can also be easy to retrieve anytime.  

Final thought 

A pay and display parking machine makes it easier to operate a parking business in town. All you need is to fix it at the entry and exit of the parking area. Customers can serve themselves, and the machine collects the revenue on your behalf. With the many benefits we have mentioned here, having these machines installed in your private parking area is a great investment. 

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