Things You Need To Know About Engineered Oak Flooring

When a building owner decides to install wooden floors at his property, all reliable builders and architects will suggest using engineered hardwood for this purpose. Though there are different types of hardwoods available in the market, oak is the most popular hardwood used in building constructions because of its higher durability and aesthetic look. Thus, many people prefer to install engineered oak flooring at their homes or offices. 

Few aspects to be known about engineered oak flooring

How is engineered oak wood special? – Engineered oak wood is quite different from solid wooden boards. A solid wood floor is made of large blocks of solid wood while the engineered oak flooring consists of only the uppermost layer of oak wood and several lower layers of plywood or fiberboard. The engineered wood is also different from laminated wood that comprises multiple layers of fiberboard topped by a lamination. Thus, the engineered oak wood looks much different from the laminated wooden boards or solid wood. 

Main qualities of engineered oak wood – Unlike solid wood, engineered hardwood does not need a subfloor for installation. It can be fastened with the help of nails, glue or staples, making the installation simpler and faster. The dimensions of solid hardwood change with the fluctuation in atmospheric temperature, which is not a problem in the case of engineered oak wood. Thus, people can install engineered hardwood flooring at kitchens and bathrooms as well, despite the high humidity at these places. Moreover, engineered oak flooring is more durable than solid or laminated hardwood floors.

A better option for the environment – A solid hardwood floor needs to cut down multiple trees while an engineered oak wood floor can be made from only one oak tree. Since very thin planks are needed for floor construction, one oak tree can be used for making several floors. Moreover, oak wood planks can be recycled for constructing new floors, which reduces the need for cutting new trees.

Cleaning process of the engineered wooden floor – The accumulated dust and dirt particles can be simply cleaned with the help of a sweeper containing soft bristles. A lightweight vacuum cleaner may also be used for this purpose, in which the rotating bristles can be disabled to prevent damage on the hardwood flooring surface. Stains and spills on the floor surface can be wiped off with a microfiber mop or a usual mop, where the excess liquid should be absorbed with a clean rug or towel. 

All these factors help house owners in the installation and maintenance of engineered oak flooring so that these floors last for long in good condition. 

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