The Main Steps To Take If You Are Arrested

Being arrested by the police can be a scary, stressful and traumatic experience, whether you have committed the crime that you are accused of or not. It is also a situation that most people do not imagine happening to them which also means that most people do not know what to do when they are arrested by the police. It is vital that you know how to react so that you do not make matters worse and so that you can quickly resolve the issue and get on with your life. With this in mind, these are the main steps to take if you are ever arrested by the police.


Stay Calm & Quiet

When the police arrest you, it is likely that your natural reaction will be to try and avoid arrest and to talk your way out of it. This is not a good idea because resisting arrest will make matters worse and if you try to talk your way out of it then you could say something that you later contradict. Instead, be polite and co-operative while exercising your right to remain silent.


Find Legal Support

You will then want to find expert legal help so that you have someone with experience to work on your behalf to clear your name. You may want to use your phone call to speak to a relative who can then find the best lawyer for your particular case, such as a drug conspiracy solicitor if you have been arrested with conspiracy to supply illegal drugs.


Follow Lawyer’s Guidance During Questioning

Being questioned can be intimidating, but you need to try and stay calm and simply follow instructions from your solicitor. After questioning, you will then either be released without charge, given a caution or charged and placed on police bail. A person cannot normally be held at a police station for more than 24 hours without being either charged or released.


Follow Bail Conditions If Posted On Bail

If you are posted on bail, someone will have to bail you out until your hearing and it is likely that there will be certain conditions that you have to meet during this time. This often involves staying at a particular place or not leaving town and avoiding contact with your accuser.


Look After Yourself

While on bail, it will be hard to think about anything else. It will be difficult, but it is important to look after yourself and to keep your head down during this time. You can use this time to find support from loved ones and de-stressing while also working with your solicitor to build your case. You should also speak to your lawyer about what to expect from the court hearing as these can be intimidating experiences.

These are the main steps that are involved if you are arrested by the police. Whether you have committed the crime that you are accused of or not, it will always be an intimidating and stressful time, but you must also know your rights and ensure that you get expert legal help to support your case.

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