How to Feel Younger for Longer

It’s not just the modern advent of airbrushed models on every public surface that has transformed humanity into an appearance-obsessed species. Beauty and youth have always been closely linked, historically and biologically. 

Thanks to medical and technological advances, people are living longer lives and youth has extended. Finding a way to take full advantage of these modern benefits means learning how to treat your body and mind with care so that you can enjoy life at every age. 

Here are a few tips to help you feel younger regardless of how old you are.



Keeping active and physically fit is widely known to be a great way of staying young. Using your muscles helps them grow and stay healthy, otherwise your body decides that it doesn’t need to spend resources fuelling them. 

Choose an activity that you can see yourself doing frequently as enjoying your exercise makes it more likely that you’ll want to keep it up as a regular habit. Going to the gym once or twice a year isn’t good enough – your body needs variety and consistency to stay functioning.



Just as staying active is important for the maintenance of your body, eating healthily will help you feel more youthful. Avoiding too much sugar, salt and fat helps keep your organs running smoothly and therefore promotes overall health. The body and the mind are intrinsically linked, so once you start developing better eating habits, you’ll also start to notice yourself having more energy and an improved mood. Here are a few simple diet tips to help you get started:

  • Drink plenty of water every day
  • Eat lots of vegetables, even if that means cooking them into a sauce or soup
  • Reduce your red meat intake
  • Eat fish with fatty acids


Protection and Prevention

There are many vices in life that can have a serious effect on how well your body ages. Smoking, drinking alcohol regularly and staying in the sun too long all negatively impact your health and, therefore, your lifespan. Reduce these bad habits and you’ll see an improvement, no matter how difficult the quitting process. There are plenty of devices and products designed to help quit smoking, which will help prevent your fingers from becoming yellow and your lips from wrinkling prematurely. Wear a good sunscreen when outdoors to protect yourself from harmful UV rays that can cause a number of issues, including cancer and early signs of ageing.



If you had a wild and reckless youth and now find yourself wishing you’d been a bit more considerate of your future self, there are still options that will help you feel young again. Treat yourself to a day at the spa for some skin treatment or a massage to loosen up your muscles. If you feel that your hair is thinning or receding, a hair transplant in London can help you feel the way you did when you were twenty. 

Although it isn’t important what you look like, finding ways to help you feel better about yourself will boost your confidence and help you live life to the fullest.



Have you ever noticed that older generations tend to wear very similar clothes that you can’t imagine them wearing when they were younger? Sometimes people feel compelled to dress differently according to their stage in life, but appearances don’t matter in the slightest when it comes to feeling younger. Wear whatever makes you comfortable, happy, and able to live the way you want to. 

Develop your own sense of style and ignore whatever trends or expectations there might be for you to follow. There’s no such thing as dressing too young or too old when all you’re doing is dressing as yourself.



It doesn’t matter if you want to age gracefully or push your body to its absolute limits, the real trick for feeling younger is taking a shift in your attitude. Redefine what you believe about your age and how society views youth. Adopt the mindset that you are the same person you were in your teens but with more experience and memories to enjoy. It’s tempting to get distracted by outward appearances but living life as completely as you can will make you feel far more youthful.



Similar to the last point, learning to be grateful for what you have at any age will help you perceive youth in a different light. Staying young doesn’t mean clinging to ideals of smooth skin or a smaller waist; it’s about enjoying life in the moment.

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