3 Great Slots Games with Sports Themes

The beauty about slots games is that developers have the freedom to design them in many shapes and forms. Developers choose to do this not because slots games by themselves are boring and unappealing, mind you, but because the simplicity of the core gameplay is the perfect ground to experiment with novel features and options. This is why the market is chock full of slots games with every theme imaginable, from history, movies, TV shows and even sports. This time around, we will be focusing on the latter category. Here are three great slots games with sports themes.

8 Ball Slots

There is nothing more relaxing than meeting up with your friends, having a drink and playing a casual round of 8 ball. So, if you are the kind of person who likes to play pool and slots games, why not combine them both and get two birds with one stones? This is where 8 Ball Slots comes to the rescue, an engaging thematic game that is compatible with any online casino bonus code. When it comes to this particular title, simplicity is key – it is exactly how a retro slots game should look, play and feel like. Furthermore, it cleverly blends the best elements of both eight ball and slot games into an enticing gameplay experience that will keep you hooked for hours on end.

From a visual standpoint, it resembles a green pool table, with the obvious addition of slot reels. Each spinning reel contains three symbols, with the payline located horizontally in the middle. While the UI might be a little too cluttered for some people, it does a great job of displaying any relevant information that the player might need in order to make clever tactical decisions.

There are two categories of symbols: solid and stripped pool balls, and any combination of three solid or three striped balls will yield a reward. Other than that, 8 Ball Slots sticks to the basic rules of slot games, so if you want an old-school experience with a twist, then this game might do the trick for you.

Football Star Online Slot

Football Star is one of the few slots games that fully captures the spirit and thrills of football and emulates it graciously in a slot machine format. It is an immersive, 5-reel video slot that will satisfy your thirst for quality football and online casino gambling.

The gameplay is exactly what you would expect from a classic slot game. Before spinning the reels, you will be required to place a minimum bet of 0.50, with a maximum of 50. The jackpot is worth around 250x your initial bet. To ‘’hit the back of the net’’ (the jackpot), you will simply have to get a winning combination. In addition, the game has a bonus round which is unlocked by hitting a wild combination.

As far as graphics are concerned, Football Star is fairly advanced. The UI is clean and clear of unnecessary clutter. The symbols are very well designed and easy to spot on top of the background, which is a full football stadium. These symbols are, obviously, modeled after football specific imagery – a whooshing football, a pitch, football boots, referees, and short clips of players mid-game.

Hockey League

With all the sports-themed slots games out there, there had to be at least one inspired after hockey. While most of them are decent, Hockey League stands out because it is one of the few that manages to emulate the rules of the sport it is inspired after into a slot machine game.

If you are not familiar with the rules of hockey, do not worry, because you will be able to recite them in your sleep after spending just a few hours with this slot game. The game contains five reels, each displaying one out of three symbols once the spinning comes to a swift end.

Hockey League ditches the concept of paylines because the winning combinations will pay from both directions. In order to adjust the coin value and size of the bet, all you have to do is use the (+) and (-). Therefore, from a gameplay perspective, Hockey League is simple, elegant and to the point.

But the thing that will keep you hooked even more than the gameplay itself is the sound and atmosphere. From this respect, the developers at Top Game have truly outdone themselves. As soon as you boot up the game, you feel like you are actually there, on the ice rink, only instead of holding a hockey stick, you are placing bets and spinning the wheels by using the keyboard.


While you can blame slots games for a lot of faults, nobody can accuse them of a lack of diversity or originality. But with so many thematic slots games out there, you might have a hard time deciding which ones are worth your time. That is why we made sure to handpick three engaging slots game with good gameplay and smartly emulated themes and hopefully, one of these (or all) will be to your liking.

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