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The Truth About The UK Fat Tax – An Austerity Measure?

Is there evidence that proves taxing food improves health? Is it about taking the burden off the NHS, or a more cynical austerity measure?

Satanic Panic In The Alternative Media

Exploring the Hollie Greig Hoax, Jimmy Savile, and the concept of Satanism as pushed by the alt media.

Called Off: Zimmerman vs DMX Boxing Match

Human decency prevails as George Zimmerman vs DMX boxing match is called off.

GTA, Gun Control and the Mainstream Media

Keelan and guest Liam Dunne discuss the release of GTA 5, gun control, and the mainstream media.

Tom Secker Talks 7/7 Bombings, BBC Predictive Programming, and Woolwich

Tom Secker discusses the confirmation bias that plagues both the official London Bombings story and the leading conspiracy theories, possible predictive programming put out by the BBC through MI5 themed drama Spooks, and how we can possibly move forward with a proper 7/7 investigation.

The Many Angles of the Boston Bombings with Tom Secker

Keelan Balderson talks with Tom Secker about the Boston Bombings, the many perspectives, possible leads and anomalies. Do the prevailing alternative media theories hold weight? And could Russia have played a role? At this stage the case is very much wide open.

Hollie Greig Story A Hoax?

Is the Hollie Greig story a hoax? That’s the opinion of disaffected former supporters of the story, who went searching for basic evidence to support the claims of Robert Green and Anne Greig, and found it completely lacking.

7/7 Bombings Conspiracy Road Trip Debunked

How Renegade Pictures/BBC producer Oliver Page lied about the premise of their 7/7 Bombings Conspiracy Road Trip, and a thorough analysis of the show.

Barroso’s Banking Union: Long Planned Superstate Agenda

Looking at the Bilderberg roots of the EU, its real agenda, and how the global financial system is controlled by a few private hands.

Free Will Doesn’t Exist, Determinism & Justice: September 02, 2012, WideShut Webcast

Keelan looks at Determinism, the possibility that Free Will doesn’t exist and how this relates to our archaic justice system.

Australian Green Party Calls for Global Governance

Aussie Greens call for Global Governance by the UN and end of National Sovereignty to fight Climate Change.

Lockerbie Bomber Was Innocent; New Documents Support the Obvious

New documents and a re-examination of the case prove Lockerbie bomber was innocent, the evidence was fraudulent, and he was released under a secret deal.

Iran Nuclear Threat Debunked; Why All Weapon Claims Are Baseless

Iran told to re-open it’s Parchin base to inspectors because a “bus sized steel container” has been spotted. We’re starting to enter Iraq WMD absurdity.

Body At Royal Estate May Point To Wider Human Trafficking Issue

Was the girl found at Sandringham the victim of an underground human trafficking problem that sits right at the Queen’s doorstep?

Tom Secker Discusses New 7/7 Film

Keelan talks with 7/7 London Bombings researcher Tom Secker.

England Riots: Pure Criminality? Or Perfect Storm of Social Injustice?

Talking heads may claim the England riots are spontaneous and pure criminality, but in the context of crippling austerity it’s more to do with dubious police actions, public service cuts and city poverty.

Former Police Intelligence Analyst Sacked For Calling 7/7 A Monstrous Lie

A Police Intelligence Analyst turns in threat assessment claiming the state is the main terror threat.

Privately Run Security To Do Police Work In Britain

Private Security Guards given only one week of training to get police powers in controversial austerity scheme.

George Osborne and Britain’s Bilderbergers, Why The Media Silence?

A rundown of this year’s Bilderberg meeting, UK attendees, media spin and Bilderberg history.

Making Sense of the Ivory Coast Crisis: Oil and Resources

Human rights? Or IMF takeover for oil and resources? The truth about the Ivory Coast Crisis.

Albert Pike’s 3 World Wars Letter Hoax

An investigation in to the infamous alleged 1871 letter by Freemason Albert Pike, predicting 3 world wars.