UK One Step Closer To Legal Cannabis? There’s Still A Catch

A heart-warming story in the Daily Mail today documents the full miraculous recovery of a young boy who had brain cancer, after his father secretly fed him THC active cannabis oil. Coverage of these stories are becoming much more common in the UK, so maybe a real debate on legalization or decriminalization of cannabis is starting to emerge.

The medical benefits of the marijuana plant are numerous and in respect to cancer have been thoroughly documented. Popular on the internet is the documentary Run From The Cure (see below) that follows the story of Rick Simpson, who has been on the run from Canadian authorities for helping to cure people’s cancer with his THC active “hemp oil”; (not to be confused with the non-active variety in the health store).

Although people may be quick to dismiss a quirky old guy with a cult internet following, who makes several unverified claims, a 2007 Harvard study demonstrated that THC (the psychoactive and illegal part of weed) cuts tumor growth in lung cancer in half and significantly reduces the ability of the cancer to spread. Similar results have been found with Giloma (brain/spine tumors) and skin cancers using topical application of THC oil.

That’s science!

Unfortunately there are a number of roadblocks that prevent pot being made legal in the UK and across the world. The main one is money.

Some of the biggest financial lobbyists against the legalization of cannabis are none other than the tobacco and alcohol industry. Why? Because if pot was legal, people might start preferring it, and thus cigarette and alcohol profits would drop. In the same way, law enforcement and vested interests in the “drug war” oppose legalization because it puts them out of a job. Then there are ideologically blind politicians who take an ignorant hard line approach to drugs to secure votes from ignorant members of the public.

We can see some of the vested interests at work overseas during the recent Proposition 19 in California. If this bill had passed marijuana would have been fully legalized in the US state, however partly thanks to the alcohol industry and law enforcement contributions, that was not the case.

As reported by the Marijuana Policy Project:

“Unless the beer distributors in California have suddenly developed a philosophical opposition to the use of intoxicating substances, the motivation behind this contribution is clear…Plain and simple, the alcohol industry is trying to kill the competition. They know that marijuana is less addictive, less toxic and less likely to be associated with violent behavior than alcohol. So they don’t want adults to have the option of using marijuana legally instead of alcohol. Their mission is to drive people to drink.”

There is not one documented case of anybody dying from a direct result of marijuana. Hundreds of thousands of people die around the world each year from smoking and drinking related health problems. There is a moral hypocrisy there, especially when cannabis does have medical benefits where booze and smokes don’t.

Big Pharma

The second money making roadblock that prevents marijuana being legalized are the big pharmaceutical companies. They make most of their money by creating synthetic/processed pills that they can patent. Pot is a plant, thus if it was legal anyone could grow it for free. There’s no financial incentive for the drug companies, in fact their profits would drop because people would start taking weed for pain rather than popping pills.

In the UK, biotech firm GW Pharmaceuticals has been studying a work around. They have development a cannabis based medicine spray called ‘Sativex’ that they have patented and can now legally sell as a prescription drug.

This might seem like a step in the right direction, but what this actually does is put the rights of the individual below those of the corporation.

GW has over 90,000 medical cannabis plants in the UK. If a cancer patient was caught with 90,000 weed plants, they’d be off to die in jail. And while the big suits line their pockets with million pound deals, regular citizens are still going to jail for as little as growing their own supply.

Weed is now effectively legal for patients, but the catch is that you need to take an expensive synthetic spray substance, rather than the pure all natural plant grown from mother earth.

The story of the young boy recovering from cancer is heart-warming, but technically if the father was caught he could have gone to jail.

If a rich corporation prescribed the drug in what is likely a less effective form, they’d have made a huge chunk of cash.

We still have a long way to go!

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  • JM

    If cannabis was legal, then we’d all be taking that slippery slope towards addiction …to hemp!

    The mass cultivation of hemp as a medicine, a food and oil source, a quick growing and beneficial plant that actually improves the quality of the soil it’s grown in, a possible cure for cancer (Rick Simpson rocks) and so on, would of course change the face of the entire planet. But we can’t have that can we…because we might also smoke some of the stronger THC varieties and get high and wise to what’s going on around us and care for the planet, which of course would be awful compared to getting pissed out of our brains and smoking useless chemicalized ciggies.

    • Keelan Balderson

      You actually had me going there.

  • Alun Buffry

    Having studied cannabis for over 40 years, I can say I see absolutely no justice in punishing people that possess cannabis or grow cannabis for their own use unless they harm others – and to punish those that use it to ease the terrible symptoms of so many ailments and injuries is simply obscene.

    In the UK we had Tony Blair publicly saying he was “scared still of drugs” – then Gordon Brown saying some types of cannabis are “lethal” – now Tory David Cameroon, an ex-cannabis user himself, leading a Government that adamantly refuses to accept that the cannabis plant has medicinal value EVEN though they now allow Sativex – a pharmaceutical extract made from cannabis and dissolved in alcohol with a peppermint flavour – so expensive that many health services refuse to finance it.

    I invite you to check out my blog, website and petition

  • Dave

    you have to ask, how can a government create laws as to which plants we grow? What would happen if they said growing roses was to be made illegal. A plant is put here by nature, it is natural. Governments can create all the legal acts they like but there is no law in common law that states anything about which plants we can grow. there are many more dangerous plants that are grown freely in the UK but these are not illegal so why is hemp? Because it is a wonder medicine put here by nature and there is no money to be made from it. If you have cancer you will spend lots of money having chemo that will kill you. Thats they way they want it, your money in their pocket and you dead.

    Gods law, the law of nature.
    common law
    and last government law.

    their laws are the least important and the sooner we realise how we have been tricked by their rules the sooner we can break free.

  • Aamar mukhtar

    They dont make it legal because its continuos usage will make you think so deep u realise what is actually going on. How on one side heroin and crack cocaine flows on the streets travelling through numerous border and custom checks going un detected the real people incharge control what get caughts and what doesnt, do you really think a few pakis are supplying the smack demand of the uk by moling a few cases through immigration no guys this is contolled organised smuggling you need over a tonne of heroin to feed the uk habit for only a week. The hard drugs they love why it destroys youre mind leaving you incapeable of thinking reacting or prospering why so they can control u like sheep, we are already sheep bound by a system what we can not leave no matter how much u try u are a slave to this society and will always be unless u realise if youre doing wrong thats exactly were they want you bound.

    • paul

      well done mn u got it spot on. many people just read and agree yet if you sit there with an open mind your see these corrupt money loving cunts wont make it fully legal. amsterdam only sell it through cafes while america uses a loop hole medical reason which dosent mean its entirely legal in any state. d bigger picture is this is the way they wil make more money (arrests, investments to control the so called problem, etc). just like you said its all a controlled operation and we are stuck until we all stick together forget the whole proposal of making this beautiful creation realistic of yet coz in truth they aint gna listen to us they are only gna discuss between themselve to betta themselves off (rockfella, rothschilds, etc) we have no control BUT the only way we can make a change to this world is by uniting if theres more of us and less of them we will win. as understanding individuals when you smoke weed your mind becomes focused on the real world and intruth this world is fucked, poverty, crime, rape, discrimination, and even fighting happen everyday probably every few mins that aint right. people lets start sticking together no one on this planet is an enemy only those that that are above us and thats the so called leaders of this world. we are all in this fight together.

  • Big John

    The reason its not being made legal is apparently (if you read the story) because there is more money to be made from it being illegal. However, i spend around £250 a month on weed alone. I do not drink, i do not smoke cigarettes.. Therefore, if they did make it legal, they would actually make money from me. Everyone uses cigarettes in their joints anyway so if anything sales of cigarettes would slightly increase. The only war would be between alcohol and weed. I never drink unless i go out around once a month in which ill only have 2-3 drinks because of other such substances that allow me to see the night through… And then i relax with a nice doobie… One that, if it was legal, would be much better because they can control what is put in to grow these plants and make sure its all clean. Its just stupid to think that a PLANT can put someone in prison.

  • jimbob

    i think its good for cancer and multiple scurrilous legal good or bad

  • sebek

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  • Liquid

    Pretty sure I read an article somewhere a few months back that a “shooting range” for heroin users was about to open. A place where they can go in a controlled environment to shoot up… What’s wrong with us following amsterdam? Increase tourism, less crime, I’m pretty sure supermarket sales would go up (munchies) and tobacco sales would rise… What’s stopping tobacco companys making pre-rolled joints?? The way I see it is: heroin+people ::: addiction and crime, so what’s left to do? Rehab which the government and private companys get cash from desperate people seeking help… Big ching ching for you fat cats already making a killing from the banks…. Trouble with weed? Rehab? I don’t think so…. Just proves the government can’t cash in on it. Watya gonna do? Arrest us all? Lmao… Prisons are full to bursting as it is…. Get your priorities sorted and start lining ur pockets!!! You know you want to!!!

  • Frank

    What gets me is I have to hide my cannabis use while being surrounded by alcoholics, ill-informed, loud, angry, over opinionated hypocrites with no knowledge of the subject. They believe all the anti-cannabis propaganda in the media & refer to users as “DRUGGY’S”!
    Cannabis is a herb NOT a drug, alcohol on the other hand is a DRUG.
    The worst thing is that I have to deal with criminals in order to get my supply because all the ” normal people” who used to supply me have been arrested or approached by criminal gangs & have therefore stopped supplying. I cant grow my own (clean supply) until I get my own place (currently house sharing with non smokers, + nosy landlord.) & until I do my hard earned money is going into criminals pockets instead of helping the economy. I guess that’s what the politicians want.
    PS- Compared to friends my age who don’t use cannabis, I look younger & healthier then they do & I haven’t suffered any of the health issues they have (heart scares, diabetes, gout) plus I still have all my hair & no greys yet unlike a lot of my alcohol using peers.
    It’s not just the politicians that need ‘re-educating’ but the majority of the populace desperately do also. It irks me tremendously that I am relegated to living part of my life in secret for fear of being judged by uneducated plebs, while society expects us (more like demands of us) to socialize while drinking alcohol, that seditious & most treacherous of liquids which leads to all manner of miss-understandings & problems.
    PPS- Yes I am slightly high as I type.